Here are 10 different 2 days in Switzerland itineraries to suit every type of traveller. Be it Zurich or Geneva, you will find different epic trip plans that can be covered even if you only have a long weekend in Switzerland!

What do I say about the snowy paradise of Switzerland that hasn’t been said before?

It’s so easy to feel tiny amidst the towering, mesmerising Alps.

Fairytale villages like Grindelwald, Interlaken and Montreux make you feel you’ve stepped into paradise and medieval treasures like the Zytglogge clock tower in Bern and the wooden chapel bridge in Lucerne, make you feel you’ve stepped back in time!

Is there really a way to fit all this during your weekend trip to Switzerland?

Yes, in fact, there are 10 different ways to plan your 2 days in Switzerland itinerary and make the best of your time here.

For those wondering what to see in Switzerland in 2 days, this article is your answer. Let my experience of Switzerland travel be the guide for your Swiss fun!

Zurich on a 2 days in Switzerland itinerary for a weekend in Switzerland

Getting around on your 2 days in Switzerland itinerary

Train travel in Switzerland


The extensive network of trains in Switzerland covers the majority of the country, making it the easiest way to get around without burning a hole in your pocket. The best part about Swiss trains is you don’t have to buy tickets and pay the full amount every time you decide to use this mode of transport. There are different passes available, depending on the routes you choose and how many days you are spending in the country.

The most popular option is the Swiss Travel Pass which can be bought for 3, 4, 6, 8, or 15 days. You do not have to buy tickets at the station. Get on the train and show this pass if and when needed. You will still get discounted rates when you have a Swiss Travel Pass for most excursions and entry to almost all museums is included.

If you are spending more than 15 days in Switzerland, then consider buying a Half Fare Card. As the name suggests, this card will give you a flat 50% off on all the train journeys as well as buses, boats and mountain transport. It is valid for 30 days and you will need to buy tickets before boarding a train. Carry the card every time you use public transport as you have to show it with a ticket when asked.

I recommend opting for train travel in Switzerland as it takes you to so many beautiful landscapes. Be it the snow-capped mountains or scenic valleys, you will truly get to soak in the natural charm of Switzerland when travelling by train.

The train announcements are often made in English and signs are usually in English, German, French, and Italian. You can carry your luggage with you without paying any extra baggage fee or you can use luggage lockers that are available on several Swiss stations.

Please visit the official website of Swiss Federal Railways (SSB) where train timings, fares, routes, and all the information about saver passes are mentioned.

2 days in Switzerland itinerary – 1st itinerary

Zurich itinerary for 2 days


For those spending a weekend in Switzerland for the first time, dedicating the entire time to Zurich would be ideal.

Be it the historic Altstad or modern Bahnhofstrasse, this largest Swiss city has the perfect amalgamation of both worlds. Here is how you can plan a weekend trip to Switzerland to soak in Zurich’s beauty –

Day 1 in Zurich


Start your day with Zurich Altstadt or Old Town and stroll around pedestrian-only Neiderdorf. You can also visit Grossmünster church and Fraumünster church here as both are only minutes away.

You will find plenty of cafes and restaurants around Zurich’s old town where you can have lunch or grab some snacks on your way to more points of interest.

Reserve 1st day afternoon in Zurich for world-renowned museums. The Swiss National Museum and Kunsthaus Zürich are the two must-visit places when spending 2 days in Switzerland. If you have purchased a Swiss travel pass, most museums will be included in the pass!

Book a late afternoon tour of Lindt Home of Chocolate as this is the place for kids and adults alike.

Take a walk around Lake Zurich in the evening and opt for a boat ride or a cruise tour to enjoy the twinkling lights of the city from the water.

Day 2 in Zurich


Get out of the city on your 2nd day in Zurich and go for the Stein am Rhein and Rhine Falls day trip.

For those spending a long weekend in Switzerland, the majestic Rhine Falls and the charming town of Titisee are recommended. It will give you a chance to combine the best tourist attractions near Zurich.

After the tour, you will be back in Zurich for the evening. Reserve it for a leisurely retail therapy at Bahnhofstrasse.

If you are not in the mood to splurge, you can enjoy window shopping and find a restaurant for delicious food around here.

Where to stay in Zurich 


Boutique Hotel Seidenhof is one of the top hotels in Zurich near the city centre. It’s only a few minutes away from Altstadt and is near Bahnhofstrasse, making it a perfect choice when you are spending only 2 days in Switzerland and want to experience the best of the attractions.

Zurich on a 2 days in Switzerland itinerary for a weekend in Switzerland

2 days in Switzerland itinerary – 2nd Itinerary

Lucerne and Rigi in 2 days


If you are visiting Switzerland and want to go beyond Zurich, this Lucerne and Rigi itinerary is ideal. It will get you out of busy Zurich and take you in the lap of nature.

There are more than 40 direct trains from Zurich to Lucerne. It is recommended to book your tickets in advance. If you have a Swiss Travel Pass, then nearly all the train and bus journeys in Switzerland will be covered.

It will allow you unlimited train, bus, and boat travel. As most of the Switzerland itineraries suggest the use of public transport to travel between cities, buying a Swiss Travel Pass is highly recommended.

If you want, you can spend some time in Zurich and then head to Lucerne. It will take an hour to reach Lucerne by train from Zurich.

Here’s how you can plan your 2-day Lucerne itinerary where city attractions are covered and the beauty of the Alps is also included –

Day 1 in Lucerne


Lucerne is a small city with a compact old town area where you can find most of the popular attractions. No matter how you plan your day in Lucerne, you are bound to come across the famous Chapel Bridge.

This 14th-century structure is Europe’s oldest covered wooden bridge. Walk on the Chapel Bridge to admire the artwork adorning the roof.

You can stop by the Jesuit Church as this 17th-century Catholic church is known for beautifully painted ceilings and baroque architecture along with organ recitals.

As you walk around Lucerne Old Town, you will notice historical, well-preserved houses and buildings. This architecturally rich part of Lucerne makes for an interesting stroll.

When you go beyond the Old Town, you will find the popular Lion Monument in Lucerne. This sombre memorial was created in the 1820s to honour the massacred Swiss Guards in the 1792 French Revolution.

Go towards the northern side of Old Town and you will find remains of historic fortification. With 9 towers and the medieval wall, Museggmauer is one of the top free tourist attractions in Lucerne. Go to the tower top and you will be welcomed by captivating vistas of Lake Lucerne and Alps mountains.

Depending on your interest, choose Sammlung Rosengart or The Swiss Museum of Transport before calling it a day. If you’re looking for a traditional meal, head to Le Lapin for the best dishes in town!

This Lucerne in winter article will be a perfect guide if you are planning your Swiss trip in or around December.

Day 2 in Lucerne


When you spend 2 days in Lucerne Switzerland, you can reserve the 2nd day for a trip out of the city.

The day trip to Mount Rigi from Lucerne can be done in under 8 hours, making it the popular choice when you have 2 days in Lucerne.

You can take the train to Arth Goldau and then the Rigi Cogwheel train will take you to the top from there.

You can also opt for a boat ride across Lake Lucerne – one of the best lake cruises you will ever take, and deboard at Vitznau and then Europe’s oldest mountain railway will take you to Mount Rigi.

I suggest booking this Classic Rigi Round Trip from Lucerne as it allows you to choose between half-day and full-day tours, depending on your itinerary.

Where to stay in Lucerne?


Hotel De la Paix is located in the heart of the city, making it one of the top hotels in Lucerne amongst travellers. The Restaurant Lapin-brasserie on the premises is known for offering local cuisine and you will also get amenities like free wifi and parking.

Train to Mount Rigi on a 2 days in Switzerland itinerary for a weekend in Switzerland
Views from Mount rigi on a long weekend in switzerland

2 days in Switzerland itinerary – Itinerary 3

A Zurich and Bern 2-day itinerary for a long weekend in Switzerland


When you have a long weekend in Switzerland, you can consider this Zurich and Bern itinerary. From the modern streets of Zurich, the Bern trip will take you back in time.

This medieval city is compact, and easily walkable, making it an ideal choice for a weekend in Switzerland.

I have already covered how to explore Zurich in a day or two depending on how much time you want to spend in this Swiss city. Now, you can decide how to plan your trip to Bern.

1 day in Bern


The Bern Altstadt is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can stroll and shop to your heart’s content. The baroque tower of Käfigturm, with a history dating back to 1256, can be found in the old town.

The medieval tower of Zytglogge, which has served as a clock tower, guard tower, and prison, is one of Bern’s most popular tourist attractions.

You can take a guided tour of Zytglogge if you have some free time in your Bern itinerary.

If you are interested in museums, then Bern has plenty of options for you. Check the Bernisches Historisches Museum as it is one of the largest museums in Switzerland.

Other places include the Museum of Communication, Zentrum Paul Klee, and Einstein House.

When it comes to spending some peaceful time away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Rosengarten is the place to be. This serene park will introduce you to beautiful flower displays and sweeping city views.

Where to stay in Bern?


Kreuz Bern Modern City Hotel is the preferred choice amongst travellers regarding top hotels in Bern. As it is located in the centre of the city, staying here will give you the ease of exploring.

Swiss mountains on a weekend trip to Switzerland

2 days in Switzerland itinerary – 4th itinerary

Zurich, Engelberg, Titlis, and Lucerne


After seeing what Zurich has to offer on the first day, you can head out of the city and take a tour of the popular Engelberg and Titlis.

You can also stop in Lucerne for some time. The lovely town of Engelberg in the Swiss countryside and the narrow suspended bridge on the Titlis Cliff Walk will be the highlights of this Switzerland itinerary.

If you think planning for different destinations when you only have one day might be difficult, you can book the Engelberg, Titlis, and Lucerne Day Tour from Zurich. This will allow you to enjoy the pristine beauty without worrying about all the logistics.

Views from mount rigi on a weekend in Switzerland
Lucerne on a 2 days in Switzerland itinerary for a weekend in Switzerland

2 days in Switzerland itinerary – 5th itinerary

Zurich and Basel 2-day itinerary


Combine Zurich and Basel for your Switzerland trip and you will get the best itinerary for 48 hours.

Refer to the 1st Zurich itinerary to understand how you can plan your first day and then hop onto a direct Intercity Express (ICE) train to get to Basel from Zurich in an hour.

You can also opt for a bus ride or a road trip from Zurich to Basel, but it will take around 2 hours to reach your destination.

1 day in Basel


As goes with many European towns, the city centre of Basel is full of historical surprises.

The towering Basel Minster that dates back to 1019 and towers above Basel Old Town is the main attraction here. Visit Basel Town Hall as this striking red building will take you on the town’s historic and political journey.

Cross the Mittlere Brücke as this is the oldest existing bridge site across the Rhine.

Spalentor is another historic site of interest as it is one of the oldest city gates with a sculpted facade and a tiled roof.

For lunch, you can head to Markthalle where the indoor food market is bustling with food stalls. Be it the delicious local cuisine or popular international food items, you will find everything under one roof.

You will find several museums in Basel to take you back in time or to show you the artistic side of the city.

The Basel Fine Arts Museum and Natural History Museum are top attractions in Basel. Depending on your interest, you can also add the Basel Historical Museum, Basel Paper Mill, and Museum Tinguely to your trip plan.

Where to stay in Basel?


Hotel Wettstein is a charming establishment located a stone’s throw away from the Rhine River in the central residential quarter of the city. Booking this hotel in Basel means getting a delicious breakfast, comfy beds, and free Wi-Fi.

2 days in Switzerland itinerary – 6th itinerary

Zurich, Lucerne, and Interlaken


This trip plan is fast-paced and focused mainly on covering Interlaken. So, opt for this itinerary when you are spending a long weekend in Switzerland and have already visited Zurich.

You can land in Zurich, take a train to Lucerne, spend half a day exploring Old Town, and then head straight to Interlaken if you want a weekend in Switzerland to be in the heart of the Alps.

You can skip Lucerne and take a direct train from Zurich to Interlaken.

Day 1 in Interlaken


You will probably get only the afternoon in Interlaken on this day. So, spend a couple of hours exploring the town as this tiny central area is full of surprises.

If you get enough time and the weather stays nice, then take a funicular ride to the top of the Harder Kulm.

The glass-bottom viewing platform on the top of this mountain is known for stunning vistas that let you soak in the Alpine beauty. It is recommended to book a Funicular Ticket to Harder Kulm in advance to save some time.

For the evening, include either Lake Brienz or Lake Thun in your Switzerland itinerary for a cruise ride or kayaking.

Day 2 in Interlaken


When you wonder what to see in Switzerland in 2 days, come to Interlaken and this tiny resort town and the nearby villages will keep you engaged for the entire time so much so that you will crave more time to spend in this tranquil land.

If it is the adrenaline rush that you are seeking, then opt for this Day Trip to Jungfraujoch Mountain.

This meticulously planned tour will give you a chance to visit Alpine Sensation, Sphinx Observation Terrace, Plateau, and the Ice Palace. You can also go paragliding, zip lining, and sledging when here.

If you are looking for a peaceful time in the heart of picturesque nature, then head to Lauterbrunnen as it is less than half an hour away from Interlaken. It has more than 70 waterfalls in the region and the most popular is Staubbach Falls.

Then take a train to Grindelwald and you will get to see the most charming village in Switzerland.

Make it a fast-paced itinerary and you will be back in Interlaken in the evening. Head back to Zurich or stay the night in Interlaken, depending on your schedule.

Where to stay in Interlaken?


Hotel Du Nord is the famous accommodation in Interlaken where you can enjoy panoramic mountain views even when staying near Interlaken Ost Train Station. This excellent location is near different restaurants, cafes, and multiple tourist attractions.

Boat on a lake on a 2 days in Switzerland itinerary for a long weekend in Switzerland

2 days in Switzerland itinerary –  7th itinerary

Geneva and Montreux


With direct flights from all over Europe to this second largest city in Switzerland, you can include Geneva when planning 2 days in Switzerland itinerary. Combine it with Montreux and you will have a memorable trip.

Day 1 in Geneva


The city of Geneva is internationally known for 2 things – the European United Nations and headquarters for the Red Cross. Visitors and tours are allowed at both sites.

You can explore Palais des Nations as this historically and politically significant place is located in Ariana Park. You will find all the necessary information regarding guided tours of the Palace of Nations here.

The International Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent is another site to visit when you have 2 days in Geneva.

Explore the exhibits here and you will get a deeper understanding of the history of humanitarian action and the challenges in front of us.

Ensure to stroll around the old town of Geneva in the afternoon. The lazy walk will lead you to popular gems like Cathedrale Saint-Pierre and Jardin Anglais. You will find interesting shops, cafes, and restaurants around Place du Molard Square.

Get ready for the Lake Geneva Cruise after you are done exploring tourist attractions and then learn more about local landmarks and the history of the city. You will also get to see the famous Jet D’Eau before calling it a day.

Day 2 in Geneva


Get out of Geneva and head off to Montreux for a day trip. There are several direct trains between Geneva and Montreux running at frequent intervals. The journey takes around an hour, taking you through picturesque mountains and vineyards.

Get off the train and head to the old town area where waterside cafes and restaurants make for the perfect stop.

After pampering your taste buds, continue your walk along the lakeside promenade. A little more than half an hour and you will reach the famous Chillon Castle.

You will be in awe of this 1000-year-old castle in Switzerland where great halls, courtyards, and bedrooms are open to the public. You will get to see different weapons, armour, and furniture items giving you a glimpse of a bygone era.

If you have some free time before heading back to Geneva, consider taking a cog railway to the top of the mountain from Montreux station. There are different viewpoints on the top offering spectacular vistas.

Where to stay in Geneva?


There are several hotels near Geneva airport, but Ibis Genève Centre Nations in the heart of the city should be your choice. The modern rooms here will ensure you are comfortable and the location of this Geneva hotel guarantees you can make the most of your time in the city.

Views in Montreaux on a weekend trip to switzerland

2 days in Switzerland itinerary – 8th itinerary

Geneva and Lausanne


If you want something more fast-paced than Montreux, Lausanne is the best option. This urban lakeside city is full of museums, parks, and historic landmarks.

Geneva and Lausanne are the best additions to your 2 days in Switzerland itinerary. A direct train from Geneva to Lausanne takes under an hour.

With the potential to keep you engaged for more than a day, Lausanne can be a quick tour or a relaxing getaway from Geneva, depending on your schedule.

1 day in Lausanne


Do you feel all the Switzerland itineraries start with exploring old town areas in different cities? Well, you are not wrong because all the Swiss Altstadt are full of charming tourist attractions and Lausanne is no exception.

This is where you will find Lausanne Cathedral with its beautiful rose window and ornate painted portal.

Place de la Palud is a cobbled square and a 16th-century fountain along with a statue of justice.

If you are visiting Lausanne on Wednesday or Saturday, then cheese sampling at the local market is a must.

You can spend an afternoon at the Olympic Museum where 10,000 artefacts along with permanent as well as temporary exhibits are displayed. It is the best place for sports enthusiasts. Parque Olímpico is the extension of the museum and is a great place to spend some peaceful time.

Alternatively, you can decide to visit the Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts Lausanne, Collection de l’Art Brut, and Explanada de Montbenon.

I would suggest combining Lausanne and Montreux as even though it is tiring, it will give you a chance to explore the best of two beautiful Swiss towns. Book this Lausanne, Montreux, and Chateau Chillon Tour for a hassle-free day trip from Geneva.

Opt for a ferry shuttle to reach Montreux as it will give you an opportunity to enjoy Lake Geneva. With stunning Alps in the background, the Lake Geneva in Lausanne looks postcard-perfect.

Where to stay in Lausanne?


If you decide to spend the night in Lausanne, then book a room at the Best Western Plus Hotel Mirabeau. This pet-friendly hotel in Lausanne is only minutes away from the city centre.

Lake Lucerne on a 2 days in Switzerland itinerary for a long weekend in Switzerland
Lausanne city on a 2 days in Switzerland itinerary for a weekend in Switzerland

2 days in Switzerland itinerary – 9th itinerary

Geneva, Chamonix and Mont-Blanc


Refer to the 6th trip plan to know how to spend one day in Geneva. Then, for the second day, opt for the most popular destinations in Switzerland – Chamonix and Mont-Blanc.

This day trip from Geneva will take at least 10 hours and you will have to be on your toes to cover all the important points of interest.

That is why it is recommended to book the Guided Day Trip to Chamonix and Mont-Blanc from Geneva. Take the cable car to Aiguille du Midi and ride the Montenvers rack railway to the Mer de Glace glacier with this well-planned tour.

You can also consider opting for this Chamonix, Mont Blanc & Ice Cave Guided Day Tour. taking a guided tour of Chamonix village and exploring the glacier’s ice caves at Mer de Glace will be a memorable experience.

2 days in Switzerland itinerary – 10th itinerary

Geneva and Zermatt


It is important to plan a long weekend in Switzerland to make the best of Zermatt. This popular Switzerland mountain resort is all about skiing, hiking, and climbing.

So, get ready for an adrenaline-rushing experience when you visit Zermatt. You can spend a few hours in this paradise and go back to Geneva or you can choose the Zermatt itinerary 2 days and get enough time for each activity.

If you decide to spend only 1 day in Zermatt, then going with this Village Walk and Mt. Gornergrat Private Tour will be a wise choice.

Spend 2 days in Zermatt and you can include Matterhorn Glacier Paradise for the 1st day morning. For the afternoon, going to Gornergrat is recommended.

You can also enjoy winter sports and adventure activities on the 2nd day to your heart’s content. 48 hours in Zermatt will allow you to soak in the Alpine vibes without hurrying.

Where to stay in Zermatt?


Book your stay at Hotel Bahnhof and you will find 5 ski lifts nearby. This Zermatt hotel is located a stone’s throw away from Zermatt Train Station and the free ski bus stop is located right outside this property. You can enjoy amenities like a ski storage room, free Wi-Fi, a shared kitchen, and a laundry room.

Zermatt itinerary 2 days on a weekend trip to switzerland

Best time to visit Switzerland


The snowy paradise of Switzerland can be a year-round destination depending on the activities and attractions you are interested in.

Usually, the best time to visit Switzerland is from June to August as summer is the peak tourist season. If you are interested in winter sports, then December to February is best suited for you. The combination of skiing and Christmas markets is a dream come true for every traveller.

Spring in Switzerland is from March to June and promises warm weather and refreshing scenery.

For those looking for shoulder season for 2 days in Switzerland itinerary, then April to June or the months of September and October are ideal. The crowd will be less, the hotels will offer discounted prices, and flight tickets will be cheaper.

Do you still need more reasons to visit this extraordinary country? Take a look at these quotes on Switzerland and you will be inspired to take a Swiss trip.

How to get around Switzerland


Travelling in Switzerland is easy and convenient. With well-connected public transport options, you can explore the country without renting a car or booking a taxi.

Travelling by train in Switzerland: this is the most preferred way to explore this beautiful country as the train network is vast and the vistas it offers are breathtaking.

If you are planning to use trains, buses, and boats for most of your Switzerland travel, then it is recommended to buy the Swiss Travel Pass.

This includes unlimited travel by trains, buses, and boats in more than 90 Swiss cities and towns. It has free admission to more than 500 museums in the country. Rigi, Stanserhorn and Stoos mountain excursions are also included.

The price may feel a little steep when buying, but if you plan your itinerary well and are keen on visiting museums, and using public transport, then the Swiss Travel Pass is a game changer for you. You will have to book it for a minimum of 3 days.

Other options: you can check the schedule of Flixbus, find trams, and book funiculars where necessary.

Zermatt views on a Zermatt itinerary 2 days on a weekend trip to switzerland

How to reach Switzerland


If you are travelling from a nearby European country like Austria, France, Italy, Germany, or Liechtenstein, then the best way to enter Switzerland would be by train.

When you book a flight to Switzerland, you will find most flights to Zurich as this is the largest and busiest airport in Switzerland.

Booking a flight to Geneva is also an option but the number of connecting flights is lesser and it may limit your options.

If you are in Germany or France and are in the mood for a trip, then by all means, hop in a car and get ready for a picturesque road trip because Switzerland is easily accessible by road as well. Make sure you are carrying all the necessary documents required at the border check.

With so many 2 days in Switzerland itinerary options, which one are you choosing?

Is Zurich, Lucerne, and beyond your calling? Or do you want to explore Geneva and Zermatt for all the snow sports fun? No matter what you pick, Switzerland will definitely be worth every penny you invest for those memories in technicolour!

Lausanne city on a 2 days in Switzerland itinerary for a weekend in Switzerland

FAQs – Switzerland 2 days itinerary


  • Are 2 days enough for Switzerland?

Spending 2 days in Switzerland will give you a chance to explore at least 2 Swiss cities and visit the primary tourist attractions. Though tiring and fast-paced 2 days in Switzerland are enough to spend some time in the heart of picturesque Alps.


  • How can I explore Switzerland in 2 days?

When you are spending 2 days in Switzerland, the most preferred Swiss itinerary is to take a flight to Zurich, explore the city, and then spend the next day in Lucerne or Bern. You can also include a guided tour of Interlaken.

If you are taking a flight to Geneva, then spend 1 day in Geneva and reserve 2nd day in Switzerland for Lausanne and Montreux.


  • Is Geneva or Zurich better for 2 days?

Geneva and Zurich, both the cities come with their own charm and interesting things to do. Zurich has more fun activities for all age groups as compared to Geneva whereas Geneva offers some of the best day trips to Alps towns.

When you have only 2 days in Switzerland and want to explore any one city, many will prefer Zurich as it can keep you engaged for 3-4 days.


  • How many days are ok for Switzerland?

You will need at least 7 days in Switzerland If you are interested in outdoor adventures and activities like hiking and skiing in Switzerland.

When you are mainly focused on Swiss cities and leisurely mountain villages, 5 days in Switzerland can also be enough. If you want to combine adventure and leisure, then it is recommended to spend 10 days in Switzerland.

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