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You’ll find travel stories on Continent Hop but there’s also concise info – that helps visitors envision themselves at the destination, experiencing the activity for themselves.

Continent Hop is about inspiring and empowering professionals to invest in travel. While professionals make the core of my readers, Continent Hop is equally exciting for the next generation of wanderers who dream to head out and explore the world.

With more than a decade’s worth of experience in UX, SEO, Marketing, Comms and Analytics, I’ve worked with numerous DMOs and brands worldwide to demonstrate value and ROI, on campaigns that last a lifetime and keep providing scalable value.

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54% United Kingdom + Europe
26% North America


67% – Female
38% – 24-35


78,000 PVs / MONTH
100,000+ FOLLOWERS




I’ve been fortunate to have been nominated every single year, numerous times for my writing and photography, including prestigious outlets such as Saveur, Wanderful and Travel Media, to name a few.

In addition to being a blogger and an Influencer, I am also a freelance journalist with by-lines in international publications such as The Washington Post, Conde Nast, Atlas Obscura, The National to name a few.

I’m also a TEDx and an international speaker and have spoken at events such as The World Travel Market London, Travel Industry Marketing Association; to name a few.

I’ve also been featured in prestigious outlets such as the BBC, The Juggernaut, Lonely Planet, Times Radio etc.


“I worked with Lavina on a press trip to Ghent. Lavina was incredibly professional throughout, going above and beyond what was expected and providing detailed reporting after the campaign. I can recommend Lavina happily to anyone looking for an excellent photographer, social whiz and reliable travel blogger.”

– Chris, Visit Flanders

“Working with Lavina was great! She was professional, kept her word on what she would deliver, and created a beautiful post and photos about our food tour (which went far beyond the typical posts which are often just run-downs of everything that was eaten and drunk on the tour).”

– Carolyn, Taste Hungary

“It was definitely a pleasure working together with Lavina and Ajay. It’s not common to have such a professional collaborations! They are always welcome to come back to Vienna or to visit Munich and stay in one of our hotels.”

– Lotta, Ruby Hotels

“Lavina was a pleasure to work with. She created beautiful photography and seamlessly integrated our brand into her posts. The content went above and beyond what we expected and we look forward to working together again in future.”

– Ryan, TripAdvisor

“We’ve enjoyed our cooperation with Lavina & Ajay very much. Her replies were always prompt, she’s truly professional and easy to work with. We liked her blog post and all the social media posts she did for us very much. I would heartily recommend her!”

– Michaela, Urban Adventures

“Lavina evocatively captured the in-depth nature of the experience, presenting it in a way that was personal and entertaining to read—all while being incredibly responsive and a consummate professional. It was a pleasure collaborating with her.”

– Nick, Context Travel


If you’re a DMO/PR and are keen to discuss how I can help promote your brand/destination, having a chat about social media collaborations or looking to purchase photography, please write to me via email.

Rates and media kit available on request. If you’re a reader and need to get in touch about something; Queries about your upcoming trip, feedback, please use the email below to reach out or any of the social media channels!

I’ll get in touch soon!

Email – [email protected]