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Asia may beckon to many as the land of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, but this region has and will always be home to me. Comfort food is a delicious curry for me every time!

A spicy red Rendang in Malaysia, a bowl of hot flavorful Pho in Hanoi, or the aroma of a Xacuti in Goa, India; you’ll never fall short of delicious options.

The largest continent doesn’t just serve the greatest variety of food, it is culturally diverse and is the birthplace of spirituality as most religions in the world were founded here.

Monks offering prayers and Hindu priests chanting ‘shlokas’ are balanced with traffic jams and haggling in the bazaars.

Asia doesn’t do anything lukewarm. With the constant chaos, smells and the wide divide between buzzing cities that exist alongside the slums, Asia will feel like an assault to the senses but will grow on you and make sure you find exactly what you came looking for.


Know Before You Go



Would depend on the country. Asia is vast and has predictable seasons. It is best to avoid most parts during the monsoons i.e. between end of June to September.

While most of Asia is located above the Equator, expect random showers in regions around the Equator.

In winter as temperatures are pleasant however do expect it to get expensive as flights cost more. It can get quite hot in summer from March – May.

The best time to visit most places would be the months of February, October and November.


Cotton clothing is a must irrespective of season.

For summer, a water bottle with a filter, a scarf, hat and a thin jacket (to avoid getting sunburnt) are helpful. So is sunscreen throughout the year.

If you travel in the rainy season you will require a good quality raincoat/rain jacket or an umbrella. Having a cardigan helps sometimes.

Winter isn’t usually too cold in some parts, in other it may be freezing so opt for good winter wear the further North you plan on traveling in the winter season.

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