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The Lion King made sure everyone knew what an African sunset looked like, a great ball of fire setting in the horizon. While I’ve yet to see that for myself, after my first visit to Morocco, I knew Africa had me bewitched!

There was culture in chaos which was accompanied with the most glorious food! People went with the flow and welcomed us with wide grins.

Yet, there was also a sense of familiar. Be it bargaining in the souks, discussing Bollywood with the locals or hearing Bhojpuri being spoken at the beach in Mauritius, it felt like home.

The hospitality was warm, the weather balmy and the people kind….but it the impromptu gestures stood out the most!

A Bedouin who started singing while cooking dinner for us in the middle of the Sahara and being invited to a home-cooked meal by our guide, are memories that are etched for life!

A single visit isn’t enough. Africa is a euphoric emotion and will keep tugging at your heartstrings till you return!


Know Before You Go



Africa is vast and sits on both the sides of the Equator hence when it cold in Morocco it is sunny in Mauritius!

The best time to visit will depend on the country you pick, as regions around the Equator have a rainy season.

December is the most preferred, however if you want to indulge in a safari, due to it being dry season in some parts, the long grass may make it difficult to view animals.

July to October is high season as migration occurs in some parts of Africa.


This would also depend on where and when you visit but it is important to carry a shell jacket for unexpected spells of rain.

A scarf (or a hat) goes a long way no matter where you go and so does having a refillable water bottle (possibly with a built in filter).

Do carry a warm jacket and tights if you plan to stay in the Sahara in winter. Shoes that can be easily taken off help too.

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