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While flying to Asia during the day, if you happen to take a peek outside your window when over the UAE, you’ll see a sea of sand! The sight is mesmerizing and is an indication of the experiences that lay in store in the Middle East!

Home to ancient civilizations, it was fascinating to imagine the centuries of stories in every grain of sand kicked up by our camel’s hooves as we took a short ride across the Wadi Rum desert.

People may push off visiting for later as sometimes tension in this region can be unpredictable, but by keeping on par with the latest activity and safety updates here, you can have the time of your life by floating on the Dead Sea and walking through the rose city of Petra.

Nothing compares to standing in Jerusalem, experiencing a sea of emotions while facing the Western Wall, with The Church of the Holy Sepulchre to the left and the Dome of the Rock to the right.

Be it the Pyramids, Cappadocia or the Wahiba desert; irrespective of location, The Middle East will take you back in time and help experience history.

A melange of tastes and people like our guide in Wadi Rum, who made tea for us in the middle of nowhere, while we waited for the sunset, will help change your perspective of this area.


Know Before You Go



The best time to visit The Middle East is between September to November and March to May when the temperatures during the day are pleasant with little to no rainfall.

Winter is a great time to visit as well however it can get chilly during the evenings and may be pricier in most parts too.


Lightweight cotton clothing during the day and walking shoes are necessary but having a light jacket at hand also helps.

A scarf is a must-have as it will help you cover shoulders in conservative areas.

Having a sunscreen, a hat and a refillable water bottle will also help.

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