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What to pack for Europe in Winter

 Coming from a tropical country, Winter is wonderful to me. The snow, the fog, cosy fireplaces…being snug is amazing.Staying snug is a totally different goal! If you’re someone like me, who’s perpetually cold and who shied away from trends because:1. Wrapping up like a woolen yarn leaves no scope to look good2. Winter wear is not easily available in your country, or does not come cheap……then this article is just for you! If you’ve heard it before or not heard enough, it’s all about layering!You don’t need to head off and purchase a whole new set of clothes because you’re heading somewhere cold. Thermals should always be worn as the base layer. Full sleeved cotton undershirts or even tank tops will do, as long as they keep you warm and draw off moisture.  The best nugget of information I got was ‘Layer your stockings’.Although tricky and you might have to fight with yourself till it gets done, that is how I survive winter. Stockings have ‘Deniers’ – the thickness of the hosiery. The greater the number, the warmer it’s meant to be. Try getting your hands on stockings, 100 Deniers or more. Use these to layer one over the other.You can also use leggings(tights), either woolen, polyester or spandex ones if stockings are hard to come by.If you’re gonna wear tights, try layering it with a single layer of stockings underneath. Worried about stockings getting torn near the toes?To avoid this, I use liner socks over my stockings. It avoids wear + tear and also helps keep moisture out too.Once you’ve got the base layer set, it’s then time to look fabulous!Here are a couple of looks you can re-create yourself.  

Try skirts!

You could wear a thermal layer underneath, followed by a top and finish off with a jumper.I’m wearing 2 layers of stockings as well!You can always wear a coat, if you’re still cold. 

Knitwear Cardigans are a great alternative

If it isn’t freezing, cardigans are a great alternative to coats and jackets.They’re chic and can be worn even to formal occasionLooks best when paired with boots.  

Replace dresses with sweater dresses!

Knitted dresses are amazing when it comes to keeping warm.You can wear gilets if it’s pleasant outside to avoid getting sweaty! 

Tights! Tights!

If you’re tired of stockings and denims replace it with tights! There’s no dearth of variety and you can always wear layers underneath as they’re very stretchy!Ponchos are another item that can make the top layer trendy. Accessories like Earmuffs, Buffs and Knitted scarves will ensure to keep you toasty Be it ankle or knee length, proper footwear is important depending on what you plan to do and how cold it can get. Fleece lined boots help the most. While some of these tricks and looks are applicable even if you’re heading somewhere where winter sports is a possibility, it may not always be practical. Wearing bright colors will not only make you stand out in the crowd but will help you get great pictures and maybe brighten your mood too! To make it handy for you, here’s a tentative packing list for a week:1. 2 thermal shirts2. 2-3 knitted tops3. 2 Sweater dresses4. 1 Jumper5. 1 Jacket6. 1 Coat7. 2 pairs of leggings8. A couple of stockings9. Socks and liners10. Knitted scarves11. Earmuffs/Beanies12. Gloves/Mittens13. Boots14. TightsPick only essentials! If you plan on traveling more, you can always reuse some items or change the top layers. Washing up immediately if you think you’ll be needing some items is another option too. Use packing cubes if certain items are taking up a lot of space. If you’re heading towards the poles away from warmth, winter can be scary be needn’t be!There’s a certain calmness that you feel when you see flakes of snow falling silently all around and covering the landscape in white! It’s beautiful (till it all starts melting!) Stop believing people, when they tell you, ‘You’ll freeze!’ There’s lots of fun in making snow angels as long as you’re comfy!   



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Thanks to JD Williams for providing the cardigan and boots. They’re super smart!

Any other items I should add to the list that you enjoyed? Let me know!

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