The best resources for all your getaways!

Want to head off on that perfect getaway with a personal touch without paying exorbitant fees?

Or maybe you are on the lookout for a truly unique experience all packaged and ready for you?

Planning something special can be tiring and time-consuming which is why I’ve put together these articles to help you as much as possible in putting together something you’ll truly love!

When arranging accommodation, there’s one thing I’m always on the hunt for – The ‘coolest places’ to stay. We’ve stayed in caves, tree-houses, riad’s, chalet’s, houseboats and camped in the midst of the Sahara, to name a few.

Irrespective of whether you’re backpacking on a budget or looking to splurge, there are options that cater to everyone’s needs. Have a look at the places we’ve stayed at. I’m sure you shall find something exotic for your next trip!


One of the best alternatives to a hotel room both for short and long term stays. Unique locations and houses with a local touch. The owners rent it out and try to ensure you have the best possible experience. Please read reviews thoroughly before booking! Register by using the link to receive £30 FREE CREDIT! is  my to go site when I am planning a last minute getaway. Why? To find the best options available in peak season when everything’s booked. Even otherwise, if you’re low on funds their ‘Book Now, Pay Later’ option bundled with free cancellation, if required, is a gem!

The best site out there to grab a couch for free! Yes, Free! Locals post listings and it’s one of the best ways to get inside trivia about a city too. However, as with everything, there could be shady people so ensure you read tonnes of reviews and send invites yourself rather than getting invited over!

Hostelworld is the best place to search for hostels around the world. Their interface is user friendly and the search options are too. Hostels are great if you’re traveling solo. Not keen to share a room? Opt for a private one then!

Usually people prefer however, has a better reward program and is quite popular in the Americas. If you book 10 stays, it gives you a discount voucher for the average of your last 10 bookings!

As someone who wants to make the best use of the time at hand, planning sits at the top of the pyramid for me! There’s always space to do spontaneous activities or take a break, but if you’re someone who likes to move fast, these will help!

Travelling only to step foot in a place is something I do not endorse, but no matter if you travel fast or you’re more inclined towards slow travelling, there’s lots of info on how to plan a stress-free getaway in these articles.

Sometimes just purchasing an online ticket saves hours!


If you’re a traveler, you’ve definitely heard of this before! Personal reviews put up by millions of users which help in making those difficult decisions, a little easier. Make sure you read reviews thoroughly before trying a new place!

Get Your Guide is one of the most popular sites to book tours and attractions in Europe and beyond. There’s numerous options to choose from from various providers with many being skip-the-line, once booked tickets are sent directly to your email and app!


Smiler believes that valuable memories deserve to be captured in high quality. Smiler connects you with vetted professional photographers around the world for fun, fast and affordable photoshoot sessions at iconic landmarks and picturesque locations. You can find Smiler photographers in dozens of cities around the world with new locations and photoshoot experiences added every week.

There are only a handful of travelers that would visit a place and not venture out to check all the ‘cool’ places in the city!

While it is certainly difficult to do ‘everything’ that a place has to offer, here are some of the top picks with all the needed info to book in advance if needed.


I love the pocket/mini guides by Lonely Planet! They’re concise and it gives you enough space to take your decisions. However, if you are pressed for time, the full guides have lots of data, maps and pictures for everything you’d want to do and see in a city!

Traveling only with a carry on and unsure what to pack for a destination you haven’t visited before? Worries about being too cold, or too hot?

Or just concerned if the weather in Europe is going to be too unpredictable?

Worry not! I’ve put together packing guides that shall help you pack all what you need in the most efficient manner! Ditch the items you think you may not need!


As someone who possessed a third-world passport and compulsorily needed insurance to apply for a visa, I can state that there are few things as important as having a valid travel insurance, when you’re planning to travel. Even with a strong passport you can never predict what may happen, and an insurance will help you travel with the peace of mind that in case something does, you’ll be covered!

Think what best suits your travel plans and opt accordingly.


Too many things to handle before flying? Unsure where to get the best travel insurance at the most competitive rates? Not keen to compare many Insurance providers to verify if you’ve got the best deal? World Nomads is what I use for all my travel needs. They cover 150+ countries and are available 24/7, another reason to reduce unwanted stress!

Fit for Travel run by NHS Scotland is one of the most comprehensive sites that has up to date info on vaccines needed before travel, health checks including COVID-19 info!

It also has new, and alerts for most destinations across the globe.

Cruising isn’t necessarily to be pushed away for when you retire! Sure it isn’t cheap, but when planned right, it can be budget-friendly.

As long as you don’t get sea-sick, it is one of the best means to get a taste of a country, irrespective of whether you’re a couple or family of any age-group!

I plan to keep adding to the articles already present. Till then, if you’re planning a cruise yourself, use these guides to select the best option out there and have a whale of a time!


Decided where to go but unsure when? Looking for the best deals and are flexible on the dates? Kayak should be your starting point! Their search engine displays the best flights to opt for +/- 3 days from your selected date of departure.

Just want to travel, head out anywhere, wherever it’s the cheapest? Skyscanner’s amazing ‘Everywhere’ option is what you’re looking for! Populate your preferences and enter ‘Everywhere’ in the destination to pick the cheapest options available!

The most flexible option available on the net! Try putting a continent or country as your destination. You could even put multiple airports as the departure point or search countries by interest. If you’re flexible, you can find the best trips available by opting to search by month and time-frame. A map displayed with prices around the world is the best!

For all those looking for thrifty travel in Europe look no further! If you are  flexible with time and have no issues about spending hours on a bus, Megabus has cheap bus tickets in many countries, sometimes for as low as £1, from London to Paris although it does take about 8 hours to get to Paris from London!

Expedia is one of the biggest providers in the world, of a vast range of options such as flights, accommodation, holiday packages, at some of the best prices to be found!

If it’s food that draws you to a place…we’re very much alike! There’s few things in the world that compare to a Paella in Spain, Tangia in Morocco or Dolmades in Greece!

These compilations of the foods we’ve tried and loved, will definitely get your taste buds tingling! (Or if you’re skeptical about trying something new, you’ll know what it contains to avoid it!)