The Mdina is one of the prettiest spots in Malta and one you should not miss when here. Getting from Valletta to Mdina is easy and here’s all the options with info for buses to Mdina including things to do in Mdina when here

Start planning a trip to Mdina and you will realize that no matter what, this town comes hand in hand with Rabat. When exploring Malta, Mdina and Rabat is a package deal.

Situated less than a kilometre from each other and yet, known for their independent characters, you will love going from Valletta to Mdina to soak in its vibes.

And you will also love how crossing a simple bridge takes you from Mdina to Rabat in less than 5 minutes. (Yes, this information is necessary and you will understand why shortly.)

So, here is your detailed travel guide when you are going from Valletta to Mdina.

It covers all the popular points of interest in Mdina, recommended day trips to Mdina, as well as places where you will find delicious food.

An aerial view of the Mdina from Valletta to Mdina

How to get from Valletta to Mdina – via Valetta bus terminal and taxi

Valletta to Mdina by car


The distance between Valletta and Mdina is only 13 kilometres (8 miles)and takes less than half an hour to complete the journey.

You can choose to go via Route 7 or Triq L-Imdina or Triq Dun Karm, depending on the traffic. All three routes take a similar time to reach Mdina from Valletta.

The only problem with driving a car from Valletta to Mdina is the lack of parking space in this town on busier days.

There is a public parking area near the entrance gate of Mdina and you will find paid parking near the museum of Domvs Romana in Rabat. So, you can also consider driving from Valletta to Rabat first as Rabat also has a lot to offer.


Valletta to Mdina by taxi


If you are not comfortable driving your own vehicle around, then taking a taxi from Valletta to Mdina is another option.

You may have to pay taxi fare between €30 to €40 depending on traffic and taxi services. Keep in mind that this is a one-way fare and plan your budget accordingly.

When you opt for a taxi from Valletta to Mdina or from Valletta to Rabat, it saves you the hassle of finding a parking spot and navigating through the traffic. You can find or arrange a pick up from the Valletta bus terminal for easier navigation.


Valletta to Mdina by bus


Taking a bus to Mdina is the cheapest and easiest way to explore this city. It takes less than 45 minutes and the ticket is only €2.

But even though you are visiting Mdina and looking from Valletta to Mdina direct bus, you will have to take a bus to Rabat as Mdina is a pedestrian-only city where only a few registered cars are allowed.

But the good part is Rabat bus stop is only 5 minutes walking distance from Mdina and all you need to do is cross the bridge that connects the two cities. You will find several buses from the Valletta bus terminal to take you to Mdina.

Buses to Mdina leave from Valletta every half an hour or so. You can catch a bus from Valletta bus terminal so that it will be easier to get seats. It is advisable to check the Valletta to Mdina bus timetable before finalizing your itinerary. You’ll find it here.

The Explore Flex card is a blessing when you are traveling on a budget. Even though bus tickets in Malta are cheaper, you will find even more reduced rates with this card. So, if you are considering taking a Valletta Mdina bus, you can check the details of the Explore Flex Card here.

A blue door inside the Mdina next to rose bushes from Valletta to Mdina

Best time to visit Mdina


Mdina, the beautiful Maltese city, is a destination that can be visited throughout the year. This tiny island is known for its Mediterranean weather where summers are hot and dry.

You will find warm autumns and cool winter months with moderate rainfall. So, here is a seasons-by-season description to help you decide the best time to visit Malta depending on your interests –

Summer in Mdina (May to September) – Summer is the best time to visit Mdina as the skies are clear and the weather is dry. The months of July and August may witness temperatures go above 30°C, but the average minimum temperature is usually 15°C in May and then it starts increasing above 20°C in the next few months.

Even though afternoons can be a little hot to walk around, all you need is sunblock, light clothes, and a hat and you are good to go! Book your tickets, accommodation, and tours in Mdina in advance as summer is the peak tourist season in Mdina.

Autumn in Mdina (October and November) – This shoulder season is perfect for those traveling on a budget. It guarantees lower accommodation prices, cheaper flight tickets, and lesser crowds.

Even though the month of November starts with cold winds, the temperatures stay between 13°C and 23°C. Keep in mind that autumn in Mdina also means rainfall. So, carry an umbrella or a rain jacket before stepping out.

Winter in Mdina (December to February) – Even though Malta is a European county, snowfall is rare here. So much so, that the last snowfall in Malta was in 1962! But the average minimum temperature hovers around 7°C and on cold days may drop to 1-2°C.

The air is chilly and it also rains the most in the winter months in Mdina, but winter in Malta is also the season of celebrations. You will be able to soak in the Christmas festivities, markets, and New-Year celebrations. Keep in mind that some tour operators may remain closed during the last week of December and the first week of January.

Spring in Mdina (March and April) – Again, the shoulder season in Mdina where you can grab everything at lesser prices. The average temperature starts staying between 9°C and 16°C and the air starts getting warmer.

Spring in Mdina is ideal when you want to avoid touristy crows and get the narrow streets of Mdina all to yourself! Taking a walking tour of Mdina is a real delight and you can worry less about rain running your trip.

Places to stay in Mdina


Mdina is a small city and is a popular destination for day tours. So not many tourists chose to stay here.

But if you are travelling from Valletta to Mdina and looking for accommodation in Mdina, then here are a couple of options that are popular choices.

The Xara Palace Relais & Chateaux – If you would like to stay in the 17th-century palace while visiting Mdina, then The Xara Palace is for you.

One of the luxurious, 5-star hotels in Mdina, you will find the structure tastefully restored here. You will find currency exchange on site, an airport shuttle, a swimming pool, and free parking. Book here 

St. Agatha’s Bastion  – Located less than a kilometre from the Museum of Natural History, St. Agatha’s Bastion is the best holiday home you can find in Mdina.

The combination of elegant architecture and warm comfort makes this place an ideal accommodation in Mdina.

Keep in mind that if you take a bus from Valletta to Mdina, the bus will drop you in Rabat and you will have to carry your luggage to your accommodation. Mdina doesn’t allow many cars and there are no buses/taxis in Mdina as well. Book here

Places to see and things to do in Mdina

Mdina Gate


You come across Mdina Gate while entering the city and believe me when I say, the impressive sight of the Gate of Mdina will instantly transport you to the bygone era.

As you cross an arched stone bridge that connects Rabat and Mdina, you will find statues of lions welcoming you here.

The Baroque architecture style and the Latin inscription on the gate add to its old-world charm. No doubt it was chosen to be one of the Game of Thrones locations in Malta!

If you are traveling from Valletta to Mdina by bus, the nearest bus stop is in Rabat and is only 5 minutes away from the Gate of Mdina.

The main gate of the Mdina from Valletta to Mdina

St. Paul’s Cathedral


St. Paul’s Cathedral, also known as Mdina Cathedral, dates back to the 12th century. But the structure we see today was built between 1696 and 1705.

It is known to be Malta’s oldest church. You can appreciate its Baroque-architectural style, engravings, frescoes, and different artworks by artists like Giuseppe Valenti and Vincent Apap.

You can also check if the official guided tours of St. Paul’s Cathedral are being organized during your visit. The tickets are combined for St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Mdina Cathedral Museum.


St. Paul’s Cathedral

Address: 2 Triq San Pawl, L-Imdina MDN 1061, Malta

Timings: Monday to Saturday from 9.30 am to 5 pm and Sunday from 3 pm to 5 pm

Price: Adult €10, senior citizens (60 years and over) €8, students €8, kids under 12 can enter for free

Mdina Cathedral Museum


Located facing the side entrance of St. Paul’s Cathedral, Mdina Cathedral Museum is a must when it comes to the ‘what to do Mdina’ question.

Its artwork collection covers the time period from the 14th to the early 20th century. The permanent collection of woodcuts by the German painter Albrecht Dürer attracts many here.

You will also find a fascinating collection of archaeological remains, silverware, and antique furniture at the museum. St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Mdina Cathedral Museum offer combined tickets that can be purchased at the museum.


Mdina Cathedral Museum

Address: Triq San Pawl, L-Imdina, Malta

Timings: Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 16:45 pm (last entry at 16:15 pm), Sunday closed

Price: Adult €10, senior citizens (60 years and over) €8, students €8, kids under 12 can enter for free

Narrow lanes inside the Mdina from Valletta to Mdina

St. Paul’s Catacombs


When you travel from Valletta to Mdina, exploring St. Paul’s Catacombs should be on top of your list. The intricate underground galleries and tombs are the main attraction at this site.

Known for dating back from the third to the eighth century CE, these are considered to be the largest as well as earliest archaeological evidence of Christianity in Malta.

Even though the painted plasters are long gone, you can still imagine how spectacular these structures must have been. The studies are still being concluded here. So that means we have a lot to learn about St. Paul’s Catacombs in the coming years.


St. Paul’s Catacombs

Address: St Paul’s Catacombs, Triq Hal-Bajjada, Rabat, Malta

Timings: Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 16.30 pm

Price: Adults (18+) €6, youths (12-17) €4.50, senior citizens (above 60) €4.50, concessions &and students €4.50, children (6-11) €3.50, free for infants (1-5)

Domvs Romana


Domvs Romana is a fascinating museum to explore as it offers you a peek into the life of ancient Roman aristocrats.

One look at the stunning Roman mosaics, different artifacts, statues, and tombstones and you will understand how well-preserved the site is.

Even though Domvs Romana was discovered by accident in 1881, it was converted into a well-planned museum immediately the next year. You can also request a guided tour of Domvs Romana to make the best of your time.


Domvs Romana

Address: VCP2+24Q, Gheriexem, Ir-Rabat RBT 1202, Malta

Timings: Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 16.30 pm

Price: Adults (18+) €6, senior citizens (60+), youths (12-17), and concessions & students €4.50, ihildren (6-11) €3, free for infants (1-5)

A red door with lion knockers inside Mdina from Valletta to Mdina

Palazzo Falson


One of the lesser-known places in Mdina, Palazzo Falson is a medieval palace converted into a museum. It is one of the oldest buildings in Mdina as it was built in 1495 and is said to include a part of another 13th-century structure.

Today, the combination of temporary and permanent exhibits makes this museum an interesting destination. The oriental carpets and ship models are a must-see here.

Audio-guided tours of Palazzo Falson can be booked if you want to understand the collection in depth.

If you are traveling from Valletta to Mdina by bus, then the closest bus stop is only 5 minutes away.


Palazzo Falson

Address: Villegaignon Street, Triq IL Villegaignon, Mdina, Malta

Timings: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm

Price: Adult €10, students, seniors, ICOM / ISIC / European youth card holders €5, free entry for children 6 to 12, and no entry for kids below 6.


National Museum of Natural History


If you are spending a day in Mdina, then you can consider including the National Museum of Natural History in your itinerary.

It has an extensive collection of over 1 million specimens where even a mummified Nile crocodile that dates back to 4000 years can be found.

You will get to see numerous exhibits dedicated to human evolution, geology and palaeontology, local biodiversity and ecology along with marine fauna and mineral collection. The 18th-century Palazzo Vilhena where this museum is located is also an attraction in itself.



National Museum of Natural History

Address: Pjazza Publju, L-Imdina MDN 1010, Malta

Timings: Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 16.30 pm

Price: Adults (18+) €5, youths (12-17) €3.50, students, senior citizens €3.50, children (6-11) €2.50, free for infants (1-5)

Recommended tours in Mdina


This famous historic town in Malta is best explored on foot. If you are interested in a day trip to Mdina, then there are several tour operators. You will find different half-day or full-day tours in Mdina where most of the famous spots are covered.

So, to make trip planning easier for you, here are some of the recommended Mdina trips that you can choose –

Mdina City Walking Tour will take you around this ancient walled city for 2 hours. This guided tour is the easiest way to know about Mdina, its history, and the places of interest, and then decide which attractions you want to visit.

Malta: Mdina and Rabat Walking Tour is popular because it helps in combining both the cities in 2 hours. If you are following a fast-paced itinerary and do not want to dedicate a whole day to these destinations, then this tour will ensure you can make the most of your time.

Private Winery and Farm Tour with Tastings and Dinner will give you a chance to combine Malta’s food and history. It offers to pick up from Valletta Mdina hotels and takes 7 hours for all the activities. This Maltese tour is the perfect opportunity to spend a relaxing day pampering your taste buds and at the same time, learning about Maltese culture and heritage.

An aerial view of the Mdina from Valletta Mdina via buses to Mdina

Restaurants in Mdina


The narrow lanes of Mdina are dotted with different cafes and restaurants where you will get to taste several cuisines.

Mdina is loved by travellers for its Instagrammable streets as well as the choice of food it offers.

For those traveling from Valletta to Mdina and planning to spend only half a day here, this city offers a variety of breakfast and lunch places.

The Medina Restaurant is located on Holy Cross Street and is known for combining local food with modern twists. The reviews of this place rave about the Mediterranean and the local cuisine here.

Apart from the scrumptious food, The Medina Restaurant is proud of their 500-year-old history and ambiance where the internal courtyard and honey-coloured walls add to its charm.

You can also consider taking your taste buds on a ride at De Mondion – one Michelin Star restaurant known for its impeccable cuisine. They ensure to use fresh seasonal ingredients and are ready to impress you with their 17th-century dining room.

Apart from these two, Trattoria AD 1530 is a good place to try Italian, European, and local dishes. You can stop by Bacchus Restaurant in 1 Inguanez Alley or Coogi’s Restaurant on 5, Saint Agatha’s Esplanade.

You can go from Valletta to Mdina for a half-day tour or you can choose to stay in Mdina for a night, no matter how much time you spend here, Mdina will be a memorable experience.

If you have any more questions about the journey from Valletta to Mdina or if you want to know what else you can do while staying in Mdina, make sure to drop it in the comments!

A car parked outside a rustic house in the Mdina from Valletta Mdina via buses to Mdina

FAQs about Valletta to Mdina


How do I get from Valletta to Mdina by bus?

You can catch a bus from the Valletta bus terminal that goes via Balzan, Attard, Ta’ Qali, and then reaches Rabat.

As Mdina is a mostly pedestrian-only city, you will have to take a bus to Rabat, get off there, and then walk to Mdina. But don’t worry, Mdina and Rabat are connected by a bridge and are only 5 minutes away.


Is Mdina Malta worth visiting?

The fortified city of Mdina is worth visiting for all types of travellers. From historic palaces to archeological museums and from stunning cathedrals to Game of Thrones filming locations, you will find everything in the narrow lanes of Mdina.


How much is the bus from Valetta to Mdina?

When you are traveling from Valletta to Mdina by a bus, the ticket prices are €2 in the summer months, €1.50 in the winter months, and €3 at night time.

These are single journey tickets and can be used to travel between any two places within 2 hours. If you are planning on using public transport to get around, then you can check tallinja cards for cheaper ticket prices.


Are Malta buses good?

The islands of Malta have an extensive bus connection where major tourist destinations can be easily reached by bus. The Valletta bus terminal is the main terminus along with the one at the airport, Buġibba, and Victoria on Gozo. The only problem is you may face delays in travel time and you can blame it on traffic.


Can you pay cash for the bus in Malta?

Yes, cash is accepted on Malta buses and you can get the tickets from a bus driver. But remember to carry the exact money as change will not be given on Malta buses.

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