St Paul’s Bay Malta things to do are aplenty! This part in the North of the main island doesn’t get too many visitors as compared to the South like Valetta but activities like water parks and heritage walks are sure to kepe you busy. Here’s details!

A couple of years ago, many wouldn’t have put Malta on their top spot when it came to picking a destination in the Mediterranean. However, good connectivity, consistently good weather and azure waters have put Malta on the radar for many.

I was shocked when the Azure window fell as it was THE destination to visit if you were a Game of Thrones fan however there’s so much to do here on the Maltese islands beyond that. Comino island is a treat!

St Paul’s Bay in Malta, a popular spot to stay in a budget friendly location, was once a traditional fishing town that has now transformed into a popular tourist destination.

Known as San Pawl il-Bahar in the local language, this area is all about leisurely walks, cuisine experiences, fun tours, and if you do not mind, then adventurous watersports.

The exciting combination of things to do in St Paul’s Bay, Malta is everything a tourist can dream of while planning a trip.

Easy transportation, accommodation to suit every pocket, food joints that offer scrumptious treats, and plenty of St Paul’s Bay things to do – it can certainly keep you busy!

I hope this comprehensive St Paul’s Bay travel guide helps you plan your next vacay to this beautiful island. However, st. Paul’s Bay is just one of the destinations that you should put on your list, if you’re unsure how many days in Malta you need, this post should help!

St Paul’s Bay Malta Things to do see colorful buildings

The best St Paul’s bay Malta things to do

How to get to St Paul’s Bay?


St Paul’s Bay is one of the significant towns in Malta and is well connected with the rest of the country. As St Paul’s Bay Malta things to do attracts many due to its budget-friendly accommodation options, it has become a popular itinerary addition in the last few years.

Be it from the Malta International Airport or from other cities like Valletta, you can easily reach St Paul’s Bay by taxi, bus, or car.

Here are the commute details that will help you decide how to travel to this lovely town and how to explore all the things to do St Paul’s Bay has in store.


St Paul’s Bay by bus 

St Paul’s Bay is only around 19 kilometers (11 miles) from the Malta Airport and takes around an hour to reach by bus.

Traveling by bus is the cheapest option in Malta as it costs only €2 for day bus journeys and €3 for night bus journeys. Budget travellers who are here to stay in the area often prefer this mode of transport.

You can also purchase an ‘Explore Flex Card’ at the Malta International Airport arrivals hall or at the Valletta bus terminus. You will also find several card-dispensing machines in Malta where you can buy this card.

If you are visiting St Paul’s Bay for a limited time and want to use public transport to enjoy the the St Paul’s Bay Malta things to do, then you can opt for customizable 24 hours, 4 days and 7 days passes.

This pass will allow you unlimited bus trips making your St Paul’s Bay journey easier and cheaper. You can visit the Malta public transport desk at the Malta airport for getting updated information.


St Paul’s Bay by taxi 

When you are traveling from Malta airport to St Paul’s Bay, you can consider booking a taxi to save some time and the hassle to catch a bus. It takes around half an hour to reach St Paul’s Bay by taxi.

There is a taxi stand right in front of the airport and it has a coupon system to make things easier. The rate for St Paul’s Bay is decided and it usually costs around €25.

If you are travelling from Valletta or other major cities like Sliema for some exciting things to do in St Paul’s Bay Malta, you will find a taxi to reach St Paul’s Bay without any issues.


St Paul’s Bay by car

Depending on traffic, it takes a little more than half an hour to cover the distance between Malta airport to St Paul’s Bay by rental car.

A smaller car rental will cost you around €25 for a day and prices will go higher depending on your preference. Renting a car will also help you enjoy different things to do near St Paul’s Bay, Malta as it will save traveling time and will offer flexibility in your itinerary.

But the problem with car rental in Malta is finding a parking space. So, if you are exploring St Paul’s Bay by car, it is advisable to book accommodation where parking is available.

St Paul’s Bay Malta Things to do colorful boats by the bay

Things to do in St Paul’s Bay

You may think, and rightfully so, that what can a small, sleepy town like St Paul’s Bay have to keep so many visitors engaged.

But you will be surprised to know that things to do St Paul’s Bay, Malta are aplenty and are also perfect for leisure seekers as well as adventure enthusiasts. Here is the comprehensive list that will help you decide what to do on your itinerary –

Walk along the St Paul’s Bay promenade


The 3-kilometer stretch of this promenade starts from the town of Xemxija and covers the distance to Qawra and Salina Bay. The tiny areas make it fun to stroll here as you get to soak in seaside views as well as the different towns.

It has become one of the top things to do in St Paul’s Bay as the promenade is dotted with numerous cafes, restaurants, clubs, bars as well as a casino.

Stop by the Wignacourt Tower


Overlooking the bay since 1610, Wignacourt is the oldest standing watchtower in Malta. It is still one of the lesser-known St Paul’s Bay Malta things to do where mostly history enthusiasts visit.

Today, it has been converted into a museum where you can see different models of Maltese fortifications along with different historic equipment and weapons.


Wignacourt Tower / Wignacourt Tower

Address: Wignacourt Tower, Triq San Franġisk, St Paul’s Bay, Malta

Timings: 10 am – 1 pm from Mondays to Saturdays. The first Sunday of every month.

Cost: free to enter

Catch some tan on Perched Beach


Bugibba’s Perched Beach has become a leisure as well as an adventure point for St Paul’s visitors.

This artificial beach is raised on the rocky part of the bay’s shoreline. With umbrella and sunbed rentals, you can be a beach bum and laze around all day.

If you are interested in things to do in St Paul’s Malta, then you can go swimming, wakeboarding, and parasailing here. Location can be found here.

St Paul’s Bay Malta Things to do visit Wignacourt tower

Watch the marine life at Malta National Aquarium


Known to be the largest aquarium in Malta, this national aquarium is a place for all age groups. Home to more than 170 different species, it is easily among the popular things to do near St Paul’s Bay, Malta especially for families.

It is divided into five different zones and has everything from local species, and marine life from Indo- the Pacific ocean to replicas of ancient shipwrecks and reptiles.


Akkwarju Nazzjonali ta’ Malta / Malta National Aquarium

Address: Triq it-Trunciera, San Pawl il-Baħar SPB 1500, Malta

Timings: 10 am to 8 pm every day from Monday to Sunday

Cost: €14.90 for adults, €11.90 for senior citizens above 60, €7.90 for kids between 4 to 12, and free for toddlers below 4.

Spend half a day exploring Xemxija Hill Heritage Walk


Xemxija Hill Heritage Walk promises fascinating history, stunning views, and fellow travellers who are interested in exploring things to do around St Paul’s.

You can start with The Pilgrim’s Way, also known as Roman Road, and go ahead exploring Roman Apiary. Stop in the shade of the oldest carob tree on the island which is said to be 1000 years old. You will also come across Punic Tombs and the burial caves.

The farmer’s hut and Roman’s bath can also be seen along the Xemxija Hill Heritage Walk.

Be a water baby at the bay


If explored correctly, St Paul’s Bay can be all about watersports and adventure tours. With so many diving centres around, you can go scuba diving and watch the life underwater for hours.

Snorkeling, glass-bottom tours, parasailing, and jet skiing are some of the common sought-after St Paul’s Bay Malta things to do. The island is also famous for its shipwrecks. So, do add shipwreck diving to your list of adventures when in St Paul’s Bay.

St Paul’s Bay Malta Things to do visit the promenade

Tickle your taste buds at Malta Chocolate Factory


A simple cafe that has turned into a haven for chocolate lovers, Malta Chocolate Factory is the place to be a part of the famous Wine and Chocolate Pairing workshop.

Attend this workshop and you will understand why it is among the popular St Paul’s Bay Malta things to do. A free entry to the cafe will give you a chance to see how chocolatiers here make this food artfully. Do not miss a chance to stop by when strolling the streets of Bugibba.


Malta Chocolate Factory

Address: 179 Triq Sant’ Antnin Street, Bugibba SPB 2658, Malta

Timings: 10 AM to 10 PM everyday

Cost: free, for the chocolate making tour

Day trips from St Paul’s Bay


Staying in St Paul’s Bay does not mean you cannot have all the touristy experiences cities like Valletta offer.

You can book Blue Lagoon, Beaches & Bays Trip by Catamaran and spend a day discovering the best of Malta. It will give you a chance to see the beauty of Blue Lagoon without being part of the crowd.

if you do not mind a fast-paced day, then Comino, Blue Lagoon & Gozo tour is the perfect option for you.

From the clear water of Blue Lagoon to the best of Gozo, this tour will give you a chance to soak in the Maltese vibes in a day.

Where to eat in St Paul’s Bay?


From fresh seafood to authentic pizza and from fashionable gelato to traditional pasta, St Paul’s Bay has a variety of food to pamper your taste buds.

Located in the heart of Bugibba, Venus Restaurant is that family-run place where you get good food with a warm welcome.

This is where you can get Mediterranean cuisine and a ‘catch of the day’ kind of seafood. It is advisable to book a table here in advance if you want to avoid missing out on delicious food.

Portobello restaurant is another place where you can enjoy freshly cooked food with your loved ones or a peaceful dinner all by yourself. You can get a table by the window and soak in the stunning sunsets over the ocean while enjoying their authentic pizza.

Incognito Terrace Bar & Restaurant is the place to be if you are looking for things to do in St Paul’s Bay, Malta at night. From organizing karaoke nights to pairing your food with live music sessions, this place has it all.

It is recommended to stroll along the promenade in St Paul’s Bay to spot tiny cafes and restaurants where you can grab a cup of coffee or try fresh seafood of your liking.

St Paul’s Bay Malta Things to do visit the promenade

Where to stay in St Pauls Bay?


St Paul’s Bay in Malta has everything from all-inclusive resorts and cozy hotels to homey rental apartments and beach-front houses. It is definitely a good choice if you’re looking for budget friendly options to stay on the main island.

Staying in St Paul’s Bay for a night will give you a chance to explore this town as well as the nearby spots at your own pace. Here are some of the popular accommodation choices for your reference –

Salini Resort – Only a 10-minute drive from St Paul’s Bay, families and solo travellers alike love this beachfront 4-star resort. You will find 3 swimming pools along with a spa and wellness centre on the premises. When you stay here, you can be a stone’s throw away from all those St Paul’s Bay Malta things to do.

Dolmen Hotel Malta – This seafront property is considered to be one of the best hotels in St Paul’s Bay. It has access to a private beach and has 6 swimming pools. Be it a casino or a spa centre, Dolmen Hotel Malta has everything for your comfort under one roof.

Relax Inn Hotel – This is an ideal choice for staying in St Paul’s Bay as it is located at the heart of Bugibba. Booking this accommodation will allow you to enjoy different things to do in St Paul’s Bay at your own pace as it is located near the seafront promenade and has numerous bars, restaurants, and nightclubs around.

Best time to visit St Paul’s Bay


Even though tourists flock to Malta all year round, the best time to visit St Paul’s Bay is during the summer season.

The weather is usually dry and warm from June to October, but the months of March to May are also good for outdoor things to do in St Paul’s Bay, Malta like swimming, mountain biking and hiking.

If you are a budget traveller, then you can consider visiting St Paul’s Bay from November to February.

There are rarely any visitors staying in smaller towns like St Paul’s Bay, the accommodation prices are even lower, and you can explore narrow lanes of this beautiful country without worrying about all the touristy crowds.

Keep in mind that the temperatures drop dramatically in these months and the weather is not suitable for swimming and ocean dipping.

But there is no problem in enjoying all the activities the land has to offer. Different things to do in St Paul’s Bay Malta like visiting churches and exploring museums will keep you engaged during these months.

FAQs for visiting St Paul’s Bay


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Malta.

  • Is St Paul’s Bay in Malta lively?

St Paul’s Bay has achieved a delicate balance between quieter touristy areas and lively nightlife spots. Bugibba is the place to be if you are interested in bar hopping or dancing the night away.

You will come across several nightclubs, pubs, and bars in Bugibba whereas Qawra is the place where you can get away from all the hustle and bustle and still be a stone’s throw away from major St Paul’ Bay Malta things to do.


  • What is St Paul’s in Malta like?

St Paul’s Bay is basically a small fishing town that has opened its arms a little wider for tourists around the world. It still has maintained its laid-back Maltese vibes and usually only gets busier than usual during the summer months.

Most of the travellers who visit St Paul’s in Malta are welcomed by locals who choose to stay here permanently. And even though it is considered to be the largest town in the Northern Region and has several St Paul’s Bay Malta things to do, it still is a tiny fishing town at heart.


  • Does St Paul’s Bay, Malta have a beach?

St Paul’s Bay, Malta is home to a little sandy beach at the head of St Paul’s Bay. You will also find a stretch of sand in Qawra where you can enjoy a relaxing day by the water.

The sea is mostly calm here making it ideal for those interested in things to in St Paul’s Bay, Malta like swimming and sunbathing. And if you do not mind going a little away, then Mellieha Bay is the place for you!


  • How much is a taxi from Malta Airport to St Paul’s Bay?

Anywhere between €27 to €35 for a taxi from Malta Airport to St Paul’s Bay. The Malta Airport is located around 19 kilometers (11 miles) from St Paul’s Bay and is usually free of traffic jams. If you avoid peak traffic hours, you can reach the town from the airport in around half an hour.


  • Is St Paul’s Bay, Malta safe?

St Paul’s Bay in Malta is one of the safest tourist destinations in the country. You will find many solo travellers choosing this area to stay in as it has cheaper accommodation options and is still nearby to explore several St Paul’ Bay Malta things to do.

Of course, the general rules for safety still apply here and you are advised not to travel alone at night in new areas and take care of your valuables.

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