Barcelona is the perfect and the most popular getaway for most visitors to Spain. While many plan to visit just Barcelona, there’s many great weekend trips from Barcelona that are worth visiting. Here’s 9 of the best trips you can take!

Spain is huge when compared to other European destinations and this makes it quite popular not just for the tapas that changes by region but also landscapes and culture.

I still remember the day I visited the Sagrada Familia, it was breathtaking and a marvel of architecture. Perfect for city breaks Barcelona was full of life with lots to do.

However, the city of art and architecture is close to several major Spanish cities and towns. And that means you can opt for different weekend trips from Barcelona or even day trips to make the best of your stay.

This is ideal if you’re looking to catch some sun by the beach in Costa Brava or check the dramatic landscapes of Montserrat, these make for ideal weekend getaways from Barcelona.

Staying in Barcelona and taking short trips around is also easier in terms of connectivity and transport, especially if you’re visiting for the first time.

Read on and choose from some of the best weekend trips from Barcelona for your next Spain trip.

Cute beach with rocks and azure water in Costa Brava on weekend trips from Barcelona

Here’s the best weekend trips from Barcelona



Montserrat is known to be one of the most beautiful places in Catalonia or Catalunya as its known by the locals. Packed with mountains, astonishing natural beauty and spirituality, Montserrat is one of the best weekend trips from Barcelona.

Along with the several hiking spots that Montserrat has, the place is very well-known for its Montserrat Monastery. People from various parts of the world even plan a pilgrimage itinerary to Montserrat.


How to reach Montserrat from Barcelona


Distance: Montserrat is situated only at a distance of 38 km from the centre of Barcelona city.

How to get there: Since it is very close to Barcelona, it’s very easy to reach Montserrat. Following are the options to reach Montserrat from Barcelona.


You will then need to switch trains and get to Cremallera de Montserrat to reach Montserrat or you could take a taxi as its just 2 kms away. Day trips from Barcelona by train take up to one hour and costs up to 8 euros one way

  • By car: You can even choose to self-drive or share a ride with co-passengers to Montserrat.

It takes about an hour to reach Montserrat (or more, depending on where you’re staying in Barcelona). A day trip to Montserrat by car costs around 30-35 euros.

  • By Bus: This is not a very convenient and popular option to reach Monserrat since you can easily travel by train.

However, if you wish to, there is a bus that runs from Estació Sants bus station to Montserrat at least once a day. The journey takes about 1.5 hours and costs about 7 euros per person.


By booking tours: This option is probably the most convenient one in terms of transportation. On booking a day trip from Barcelona, fab day tours like these covers the travel with pick and drop, visits to important places with an experienced guide throughout your trip. This one also has wine and lunch on offer!

Places to stay in Montserrat


Montserrat is a beautiful city and choosing a nice place to stay would make your weekend trip more exciting. Here are two recommended stay options in Montserrat.


Hotel Mon Sant Benet This is one of the most rated and lavish stay options in Montserrat. Situated next to the monastery of Sant Benet de Bages itself, the location is amidst natural beauty.

There are many tourist attractions within a radius of 7 km making it convenient for you to make visits and get back. The service and amenities of the hotel are great and make your stay comfortable. Book here


El celler de la GuardiaThis rustic and super local stay is located within the Montserrat nature reserve and on the Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage Route.

It is perfect as it also has a restaurant, great also for families as there’s a game room and a lounge and bar. The monastery is about 20 minutes away. Book here

Things to Do in Montserrat


Montserrat is a place very well-known for its natural beauty of mountains and serenity. Here are a few things you must do when on this superb Barcelona weekend break.

Rock-climbing – Montserrat mountain is extremely popular amongst hikers for its options with more than 5000 routes to reach the top. Located at the heart of Catalonia, the routes are scenic and quite memorable.

Visit the monastery – If you are a person fond of pilgrim spots, visiting the monastery of Montserrat would be a perfect choice. The monastery has an elegant statue of the Virgin Mary with a ball in one of her hands. It is believed that, touching the ball, fulfills a long-cherished wish.

Visit the art museum – The Museum of Montserrat is home to several artefacts and archaeological inheritances of the thousand-year-old Abbey of Montserrat. The art museum also has an exhibition that educates visitors on the history of the monastery of Montserrat. The museum displays some amazing artworks of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí.

So if you are an artist or art lover, this place might just be for you!


Monastery in montserrat with hills behind on weekend trips from Barcelona

Costa Brava


Costa Brava is a world-famous tourist destination and is totally worth visiting. Costa Brava is one of the best weekend trips from Barcelona as it is perfect for tourism year-long but early summer is the perfect time to visit!

Not to forget the gorgeous restaurants and bars that serve some popular tapas in Spain, Costa Brava is perfect for every type of traveller. Getting to Costa Brava can be tiresome at times so this tour not only takes you to the best beaches but also has kayaking and snorkelling options with gear.

How to reach Costa Brava from Barcelona


Distance – Costa Brava is about 149 km away from Barcelona and is very convenient to travel due to the connectivity that the cities offer.

How to get there – The two most popular options to travel from Barcelona to Costa Brava are as follows.


  • By Bus: You can take a bus from Estacio del Nord to Lloret de Mar- Fenals which runs every three hours.

It is an hour’s journey and costs about 13 Euros. From Lloret de Mar – Fenals you can switch to local bus transport towards Costa Brava, which is a short journey of fewer than 15 minutes and costs less than 5 Euros.

Overall the bus journey from Barcelona to Costa Brava is the cheapest and a recommended transport option

  • By Train: This is the second-cheapest option for day trips from Barcelona by train. However, it might need a bit more time and could be less convenient.

You can take a train from Passeig De Gracia toward Sils. On reaching Sils, you would need to switch to other means of local transport to reach Costa Brava. The complete journey from Barcelona to Costa Brava needs about 1.5 hours or more and costs about 20 euros.


  • Car Hire – If you choose to travel privately, you can hire a car to self-drive or book a taxi from Barcelona to Costa Brava. The journey takes about 2 hours to cover a distance of 78 km.

Orange buildings in Costa Brava with sea views on weekend trips from Barcelona

Places to Stay in Costa Brava


Costa Brava is one of the most beautiful places in Spain graced with the most gorgeous beaches in the world. Here’s 2 recommended stays to consider while on your weekend trip to Costa Brava.


Hotel Cala del PiThis is one of the top-rated luxury stay options in Costa Brava. Most rooms offer an elegant Mediterranean sea view that certainly makes for a memorable stay.

Heated pools, saunas, hydromassage options and hotel decor are one-of-a-kind and instantly catch your eye. Apart from that, you can even expect the tastiest Spanish cuisines on your plate for every meal you take here.

This stay option is close to Playa Cala Rovira, one of the major tourist spots in Costa Brava. Do note that it is an adults only property. Book here


Hotel BulevardIt is one of the most visited and top-rated stays in Costa Brava.

At a mere distance of 50 m from the beach, the place is surrounded by the best restaurants, shops, and bars.

The rooms are air-conditioned and hotel service are promising, comfortable and satisfactory. It is situated at the heart of the town and there are more than 8 tourist spots close by. Book here

Things to Do in Costa Brava


If you have been dreaming of a perfect beach holiday, Costa Brava might look exactly like the best one in your imagination. A city full of clean sandy beaches, stunningly beautiful views, and rocky cliffs, there’s so much to do when in Costa Brava.


Visit the Cap de Creus Natural Park – Situated in the Cap de Creus peninsula, this natural park is known for its coves, cliffs, forests and beautiful bays. If you are a swimmer or a hiker, this place is for you. By visiting the lighthouse you are bound to get a memorable view of the natural setting of the park.


Seafood at the Cadaques beach – Close to Cap de Creus Natural Park is the tiny town of Cadaques. The place is known for its art galleries, seafood, and narrow alleys, which are a must-visit when in Costa Brava.

Kayaking along the coasts – A trip to Costa Brava is incomplete without water sports. Amidst the prettiest-looking water bodies in Spain, spending time kayaking in bays and beaches makes for the perfect activity. You can also stop by to do some floating in the sea in between kayaking if you prefer!


Wine Tasting – Costa Brava is known as a top wine destination in Spain. It is recommended to take vineyard tours, go wine tasting and visit the wine museums on the Emporda route.


Visit hidden beaches – The best part of Costa Brava is, of course, its beaches! There are countless beaches along Costa Brava’s 214 km long coastline. Go beach hunting to find yourself a less-crowded beach to take a walk or just relax and spend a nice day.

People walking through cobbled street in Pals on weekend trips from Barcelona



Madrid is known for its picturesque royal architecture, historical buildings, museums and lively nightlife. Madrid is one of the most chosen excursions from Barcelona. If you are someone who loves city breaks, Madrid is for you even if it seems a little far-fetched for a Barcelona weekend break.


How to reach Madrid from Barcelona


Distance – Madrid is about 625 km away from Barcelona.

How to get there – Madrid is about 506 km away from Barcelona and so, it is recommended to choose the fastest and the most convenient mode of transport amongst the following.

  • By Train – This is one of the fastest options for day trips from barcelona by train.

The train covers the distance between the two cities in less than 3 hours, depending upon which train schedule you choose. There are direct trains running all day from Barcelona to Madrid and cost between 55-120 Euros.

  • By Flight – There are direct flights from Barcelona and take around 1.5 hours to reach Madrid.

The journey costs around 30-100 Euros on one side. However, if you choose to travel by flight to Madrid, there will be a considerable amount of travel involved toward and away from each of the airports.

  • By Rideshare – Reaching Madrid by ridesharing from Barcelona requires at least 7 hours and costs around 40 euros.

  • By Self-drive – Barcelona to Madrid by car is a 6-hour journey and costs around 100 Euros excluding the car hiring fee. This is one of the costliest and time-consuming options to reach Madrid.

  • By Bus: This is the least recommended travel option from Barcelona to Madrid. Travelling by bus requires around 8 hours and costs around 80 Euros.


Places to stay in Madrid


Here are the top picks to stay when in Madrid.

The Westin Palace Madrid If you are looking for a premium stay in the heart of Madrid, with fab amenities this place might just be for you.

The Westin Palace has top-rated rooms with antique furniture, 24 hour service teams, spa and is located close to the Prado, Thyssen and Reina Sofia Museums. The bar is one of the most famous in Madrid! Preferred by couples. Book here

Ibis Madrid Aeropuerto Barajas This hotel is situated just 3 km away from Madrid airport and would be easy to reach on arrival.

The rooms are comfortable with air conditioning, clean and has a restaurant with a 24 hour snack bar. Located at a 10 minute walk from the Barajas Metro Station. Book here

Things to Do in Madrid


Madrid is the capital of Spain and is definitely worth a visit. Spending a weekend in Madrid can be quite fun and lively due to various activities on offer. Here’s what to do when visiting Madrid.

Visit the Prado – Being one of the most famous art museums in the world, when in Madrid, this place is a must-visit. You will be amazed by the masterpieces and artefacts created by masters.

Visit the Royal Palace – A holiday in Madrid is incomplete without visiting the Royal Palace. Build-in 1700, it is known to be the largest royal palace in western Europe. Pay a visit to experience the stunning beauty of the royal collection including jewellery, fabrics, watches, silverware, etc. A guided tour is a good option and this one makes sure you have skip the line access and a guide.

Visit the Plaza Mayor – This renaissance square has nine entrance points and was built in the early 1600s. The plaza is huge and also a giant statue of King Philip III that was built 400 years ago.

Shop at El Rastro – If you are a person who loves to shop, this is a must-visit place. You can buy souvenirs to take home or buy some antiques for yourself. The market has a huge collection of unique things and you will fall short of time exploring it.

Statue with lions in Madrid on weekend breaks Barcelona



Sitges is a coastal town in the Catalonia region and is known for its vibrant nightlife, beaches and marketplaces. If you are a beach person Sitges is the one excursion from Barcelona that you would want to choose for yourself. This tour is great for a whole day out, hotel pickup and a visit to the best spots. This one takes you on a bike ride through vineyards!

How to reach Sitges from Barcelona


Distance – Sitges is very close to Barcelona and is situated 35 km southwest to Barcelona.

How to get there – Travelling from Barcelona to Sitges isn’t very challenging because it is not very far away. There are 3 options to reach Sitges. You can choose the best one for yourself depending on the availability of time and budget.


  • By Train – This is the fastest and the most cost-effective way for a day trips from Barcelona by train. Barcelona to Sitges by train requires only about 40 minutes and costs around 9-12 Euros. You will need to transfer train once at Vilanova i la Geltrú and then head toward Sitges. The trains run all day and hence is the most convenient option to travel.

  • By Bus: The advantage of travelling by bus is that there is no transfer involved and there is a direct bus from Barcelona to Sitges. The travel time is of an hour and costs 15-18 Euros. Several bus schedules are available throughout the day, making it very convenient for you.

  • By Self-drive or Rideshare – Barcelona to Sitges by car is approximately a 40 minutes journey. It costs around 70-80 Euros by rideshare and about 10-15 Euros by self-drive.

Places to stay in Sitges


Sitges is a tiny old town with amazing old-fashioned architecture It is a perfect weekend trip destination from Barcelona. Here are a few stay options in Sitges.

Dolce by Wyndham This is one of the most beautiful stay locations in Sitges. A property amidst sea views equipped with luxury of every kind at your service. Situated very close to most tourist attractions in Sitges, this is a perfect stay pick and has 3 restaurants, 3 bars and a very popular spa. Perfect even for a Barcelona stay as it is 25 minutes from Barcelona town. Book here

Hotel El Cid This is a top-rated budget stay option with numerous amenities including a swimming pool however is just 250 yards from the beach. It is a charming location and the rooms offer a comfortable experience. Book here

Things to Do in Sitges


Sitges is a quick escape beach place and offers unmatched enthusiasm. Here are the top things to do in Sitges.

Walk and sunbathe along the beach – Most tourists visit Sitges for its nude beaches. If that’s not for you. walking along the beachfront of Sitges is fun and relaxing as the beaches are clean and perfect especially if you have family with you.

Photoshoot at the Marina – Marina is a beach club that situated up on a hill. It is best known for being a perfect photo shoot location and you would certainly not want to miss it!

Party during the night – Sitges is known for its nightlife and if you like partying, you should visit the numerous bars and pubs here.

Colorful buildings by the sea in Sitges on weekend breaks Barcelona

Cala Fonda


Also known by the name Waikiki, Cala Fonda is located in Marquesa Woods and is amongst the top ten most beautiful beaches in Spain. The sea views are peaceful, making it one of the best weekend trips from Barcelona.

If you are someone seeking a quiet yet amazing weekend holiday destination, Cala Fonda is for you!

How to reach Cala Fonda from Barcelona


Distance – Cala Fonda is about 90 km away from Barcelona.

How to get there – There are three options to reach Cala Fonda from Barcelona.

  • By Train – You can take a train from Barcelona-Sants toward Alicante and then switch trains and head toward Cala Fonda. The total journey requires around 6 hours and costs around 50 Euros.

  • By Bus – Starting from Barcelona, you can take a bus to head toward Benidorm and then switch to head toward Av. Mariners de la Vila 21. Barcelona to Cala Fonda is approximately an 8-hour journey and costs around 60 Euros.

  • By Car: This is one of the most convenient options to reach Cala Fonda. It requires around 5 hours and costs around 90 Euros.

Places to stay in Cala Fonda


Cala Fonda is an exotic weekend holiday destination. Here are a few stay options

Sofia suites About a 11 to 15 minute walk from most beaches like Playa de la Llosa, Sofia suites are chic with the decor clean and breezy. Located in close proximity to most activities like hiking, cycling and fishing, it is liked by most couples and is budget friendly. Book here

AldeaMia, Rural Bed & Breakfast One of the best locations to stay in Cala Fonda, the hotel is 8 mins away from the beach with mountain views. It also has a pool and most rooms also have a terrace. Service is also great here! Book here


Things to Do in Cala Fonda


Cala Fonda is known for its peaceful setting away from the crowded cities in Spain. Reaching any of the following places might need a little walk but doing so is totally worth it.

Walk through the forest – To reach any beach area in Cala Fonda, you would need to take a walk through a forest area. The walks are fun and not too tiring, you get to relax on the beach once done!

Sunbathe and Relax at Llarga Beach – An early morning walk on Llarga beach could be the best start to your day. Since it is a secluded beach, not many people are seen around. Hence, you won’t find the usual beach activities. However, that brings an opportunity to disconnect from the rest of the world.


Ibiza is an Balearic island and one of the best weekend trips from Barcelona, for its lively nightlife, electronic dance music clubs, yoga retreats, quieter towns, and much more!

How to reach Ibiza from Barcelona


Distance – Ibiza is about 580 km away from Barcelona.

How to get there – The three cost-effective ways to travel from Barcelona to Ibiza are as follows.

  • By Train: You can take a train from Barcelona toward Puerta de Atocha. It takes around 3 hours and costs about 120 Euros on one side. Involves a ferry crossing at the end

  • Self-drive: Barcelona to Ibiza by car requires around 6 hours and costs around 100 Euros.

  • By Flight: There is a direct flight from Barcelona to Ibiza. The journey takes about an hour and costs less than 110 Euros if booked in advance. This is the most recommended option to travel from Barcelona to Ibiza.

Places to stay in Ibiza


Ibiza is an island place that offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Here are the best places to stay in Ibiza to make your stay a great one.

ME Ibiza Packed with amenities for peace and rejuvenation, this place offers comfort to its visitors that would make their stay truly unique. Rooms offer an ocean view with amazing decor and service is prompt. It is located in proximity of the best tourist attractions and restaurants in Ibiza. There’s restaurants that offer organic meals, a great Thai spa and pools. Book here

Hotel Vibra Vila Though situated in a quiet setting, this place is very close to the centre of Ibiza town and has a small rooftop pool and terrace. It also offers free sunbeds and great views of the sea and is 10 minutes walk from the port. A perfect place to stay in Ibiza. Book here

Things to Do in Ibiza


Though beaches are the primary attraction of the island, there are still a number of other things to be done when in Ibiza. If you’d like to get more done then this beach hopping tour is perfect and also has snacks! This one is a cruise to Cala Salada with snorkelling gear!


Visit Dalt Vila A historical masterpiece Ibiza town is well-known for. Dalt Villa has gorgeous white buildings and many cactus varieties adorning the streets. You can also get a panoramic view of the city and of course the beach from the top of Dalt Villa.

Visit beaches to the northwest – You might want to find a car to reach this side of Ibiza. It has a string of clear water beaches that are quite pretty. You can visit Playa Cala Xarraca, Playa de La Cueva De Portinatx, and Cala D’En Serra beaches.

Cafe del Mar – A perfect place to enjoy some great drinks over beautiful sunsets.

Seafood at Fish Shack – A tiny restaurant without a menu card, when you visit the Fish Shack you will be told a list of fishes that have been caught on that particular day, to choose from. Super fresh and tasty!

Yachts on azure sea in Ibiza on weekend breaks Barcelona


Mount Tibidabo has forever been one of the most famous excursions from Barcelona. If you are a beach, food, nature lover and photographer, Mount Tibidabo is undoubtedly for you! While tours specific to Tibidabo are quick, this one takes you to Tibidabo and Montserrat, great for getting the most out of your holiday.


Distance – Tibidabo is about 15 km away from Barcelona.

How to get there – There are about 3 ways to reach Mount Tibidabo.

  • By Train – Perfect for a day trips from Barcelona by train. You can take a train from Catalunya toward Peu del Funicular which is a 15-minute journey and costs around 6-7 Euros.

  • By Bus – You can take a direct bus from Barcelona to Tibidabo. It is a 50-minute journey and costs around 5 Euros.

  • By Taxi – It takes around 25 minutes and costs around 35 Euros. This mode of travel from Barcelona to Mount Tibidabo is the most convenient, second cheapest and fastest

Places to stay in Tibidabo


Gran Hotel La Florida G.L Monumento Offers spectacular views of of Barcelona city and the Mediterranean sea. It has a spa run by L’Occitane and the products are available in every room as well. The restaurant serves Catalan, Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine and has 2 bars too. It is a specialty hotel as it has preserved it’s architecture from 1925. Book here

Catalonia Castellnou Just 3 km away from mount Tibidabo, it is a good place to stay if you are on a weekend trip from Barcelona. It is budget friendly and has access to all the major restaurants and facilities making it one of the best spots to pick for easy access to facilities. Book here

Things to Do when visiting Mount Tibidabo


Mount Tibidabo is one of the major tourist attractions in Spain. It is filled with endless activities. Here’s a few.

View Barcelona – You wouldn’t want to miss aerial views of Barcelona city. The topmost point is picture-perfect.

Amusement Rides – The place is home to one of the world’s oldest functioning amusement parks. It is fun to try the exciting rides one after another spread across 6 zones in the park.

Templo Expiatorio del Sagrado Corazon – This is known to be the place where Jesus was tempted by the Devil. Enric Sagnier designed the present-day Church i-Villavecchia between the years 1902 to 1961. The interiors and the facade of the church are worth keeping an eye out for!

Tours of Tibidabo – You can explore the vicinity of mount Tibidabo by taking short walking tours available locally.


Besalu is one of the many historic villages in Spain. It is a small town located near Girona, Spain. It is a great day trip from Barcelona, that you should not miss. Again, since it is in Costa Brava it is cheaper to go on a tour to get more out of your day. This one is an amazing medieval village tour that includes Beaslu and a few other villages. Includes hotel pickup.

This one takes you to the volcanic area and includes a lake cruise.

How to reach Besalu from Barcelona


Distance – Besalu is about 132 km away from Barcelona.

How to get there – You can reach Besalu from Barcelona the following ways.

  • By Bus – There is a direct bus from Barcelona to Besalu, running four times a day. Barcelona to Besalu by bus is approximately a 2-hour journey and costs around 20 Euros.

  • Self-drive – By hiring a private car, it is convenient to reach Besalu in 1.5 hours. The journey costs around 25 Euros.

Places to stay in Besalu


Besalu is a beautiful little town, one of a few in Girona. Here are the best places to stay in Besalu.

Els Jardins De La Martana Located in the centre of Besalu, the property has beautiful rooms most of which have a mountain view. Located next to the Romanesque bridge, it has a rustic setting complete with a fireplace and terraces. It is a good choice for athletes as it offers massages and has bicycle and sport equipment hire. Book here

Mas Pere Pau A unique property 2 miles from the centre, it is another rustic property with garden and mountain views, a game room and a restaurant that serves Catalan cuisine. Some rooms have a kitchenette too. Romantic and preferred by couples but great for families too because of the space! Book here

Things to Do in Besalu


The town is full of cultural and historic places. Here are the top things to do in Besalu.

Hike to Sagrat Cor Chapel –
You can take the very popular scenic hike towards the Sacred Heart chapel that gives a brilliant aerial view of Besalu town. The path is full of foliage and flowers!

Visit the Sant Pere Monastery – Built between the 10th and 14 centuries, the monastery is well-known for its Roman art and is considered one of the best examples of Romanesque architecture in Catalunya.


Old buildings and bridge by the river in Besalu on Barcelona weekend breaks



On the borders of France and Spain, Andorra is a perfect weekend trip destination from Barcelona. If you are a mountain person, Andorra is for you. And if you didn’t know, Andorra is one of the few countries located within a country so visiting 3 countries on a single visit is a fab idea if you like getting a taste of more countries in a single visit.

Start with A village in Spain, lunch in France and shopping in Andorra to end the day!

How to reach Andorra from Barcelona


Distance – Andorra is 138 km from Barcelona

How to get there – There are three options to reach Andorra from Barcelona as follows.

  • By Bus – There is a direct bus from Barcelona Sants to Andorra la Vella. It is a 3-hour journey and costs around 40 Euros.

  • By Car: This is a very easy option to travel towards Andorra and also the most convenient one. It takes around 2.5 hours and costs around 35 Euros excluding the car hire charges.

  • By Rideshare – The rideshare option takes approximately the same time as that of a car but the cost is about 15 Euros.

Places to stay in Andorra


Andorra is a heavenly destination and choosing the best place to stay makes your holiday more memorable.

Hotel MU & SPA Located outside the village of Ordino, the property has terraces for a stunning view of the mountains and has a spa which is perfect after a tiring but fun day on the slopes. There’s buffet breakfast and the decor is chic, there’s also ski storage for all your gear! Book here

Hotel Les Neus The hotel is 200 yards from the popular Granvalira ski slopes and has storage for your gear. The rooms are perfect especially in winter as they are heated. There’s buffet breakfasts and dinners after you’ve worked an appetite after a day on the slopes! Book here


Things to Do in Andorra


Here’s a few things to do when in Andorra, even though the country isn’t huge. Although many prefer Andorra for its activities, if you are on a holiday to relax, Andorra can still be perfect to spend a less-adventurous weekend. You can relax and appreciate the natural beauty around you!

Visit the town of Les Escaldes – The place has hot springs and is naturally beautiful. Small yet pretty, is it worth taking a stroll through the town

Enjoy winter Sports – Andorra is preferred by many locals from Spain for its skiing and snowboarding facilities. It also offers the opportunity to hire a helicopter in case you are keen on a private flight. You can stay at one of the resorts and spend a few days here for a complete experience.


Go hiking – There is a huge opportunity for mountain hiking in Andorra. Along with it, you can also enjoy some water sports at the water parks in the vicinity.

Lake with mountains surrounding it in Andorra on excursions from Barcelona

There’s so much to do in Barcelona, it is perfect for city breaks. But Spain is huge and while places like Granada and Malaga are a flight away the places mentioned above are not and are perfect to catch some sunshine by the beach!

I’m quite fond of Costa Brava and Ibiza because they have some of the best beaches!

Now that you know how to make the most of your Barcelona journey, which weekend getaways from Barcelona are you planning to take?


Weekend trips from Barcelona FAQs


  • Is Barcelona worth visiting?

Absolutely! Barcelona is one of the best European weekend trip destinations. Packed with ancient history, amazing culture, incredible architecture, pretty market places and of course relishing cuisines, Barcelona makes a perfect destination for a short weekend trip.


  • Are two days enough to explore Barcelona?

Yes, only if you wish to explore the major attractions of the city. However, Barcelona has a number of other hidden places, beaches and monuments that can be a bit challenging to visit during the weekends alone.


  • Do you need a visa for Barcelona?

A Schengen Visa is required for tourists from countries like India to visit any part of Spain including Barcelona. You can spend up to 90 days in Spain and other Schengen countries.


  • Is Barcelona expensive?

Barcelona is fairly expensive compared to most other cities in Spain. However, it is a lot cheaper than other popular cities like London and Paris. In Barcelona, if you are tight on your budget, you can choose to have cheaper options and keeps your costs low.


  • Is Barcelona a beach holiday place?

Yes. Barcelona is a perfect weekend trip destination for beach lovers. The city is blessed with a 360-mile coastline and many gorgeous, calm as well as adventurous beaches.


  • Are the beaches in Barcelona safe for swimming?

Yes, beaches in Barcelona are free from dangerous and huge waves. However, you must choose to swim only in the presence and availability of lifeguards. Usually, lifeguards are available during the summer season when tourism is at its peak.


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