It isn’t surprising that Spanish tapas is famous worldwide! Popular tapas in Spain varies from region to region. Sometimes dishes are simple, sometimes thery’re complex but served as small portions. Here’s some of the best tapas in Spain, typical food in Barcelona and other foodie Spain destinations like Granada, San Sebastian etc.

Spain is a land that is not only blessed with rich architecture and history but also has a unique and extremely versatile food culture.

Apart from Paella and tapas, Spain is also known for its unique plates of seafood and Mediterranean cuisine.

The speciality of Spanish food cuisines is that the variety of dishes varies from region to region depending on the climate and vegetation therein.

Various cities of Spain are known for various different foods. So, if you are a foodie traveller, who likes to plan your trip based on the best food locations, this word space is for you.

Here is a list of the best tapas in Spain by city with detailed information about their respective cuisines.

Person eating popular tapas in Spain

Popular tapas in Spain by city

But first a little about tapas culture


Spain is known for its astonishing food, and the tapas culture contributes to it. Eaten before or during a meal, Spanish tapas is famous not only in Spain but across the globe.

In Spain, almost all small and large restaurants serve tapas. But apart from that, they are also available in tapas bars, where you can stop by any time of the day to munch some mouth-watering tapas dishes.

Usually, served with an alcoholic drink, tapas is made up of meat, seafood, fish or can be vegan. The dish is also known as ‘pinchos’ in Navarre, Basque Country, La Rioja, Cantabria, Asturias and other areas of Northern Spain.

Though traditionally a non-vegetarian dish, today, tapas are also available on vegetarian menus. In Spain, some local bars serve some varieties of tapas for free with the first drink. So, that’s how tapas culture is rooted in the land of Spain.

Typical food in Barcelona


Here’s a list of the popular tapas in Spain in one of the best foodie destinations in Spain – Barcelona.

  • Paella – The city is primarily known for its world-famous dish Paella. It is a rice-based cuisine which is a staple food of Barcelona. It is a cuisine that is made up of a fragrant variety of rice, saffron, paprika, vegetables, and white wine. It is a must-try and one of the best foods in Spain.

  • Patatas Bravas – It is a potato-based tapas dish. Made by frying potato pieces twice, it is served with a mouth-watering tomato sauce. The Patatas are crispy on the outside and soft inside and of course absolutely delicious. The dish is easily available in almost any restaurant in Barcelona.

  • Gazpacho – It is an ice-cold variety of tomato soup made of extra-ripe tomatoes, garlic, pepper and virgin oil. Gazpacho is served in different ways at different restaurants in Barcelona. It is one of the best foods to eat in Spain, especially if you are travelling to Spain in a relatively warmer season.

  • Escalivada – This dish is amongst the variety of Catalan cuisines. It is a type of salad and comprises slow-roasted vegetables like onions, bell peppers, eggplant, etc.


Other typical food in Barcelona – Barcelona is undoubtedly one of the best food cities in Spain.

A few more popular dishes that the city is known for include, the Fideua, the Cava, different varieties of Spanish cheese, the Pa Amb Tomaquet, the Esqueixada, and so on.

Best Restaurants to visit in Barcelona – Though there are a number of popular places to eat in Barcelona, the best names include –

L’Amfora, Disfrutar, Gatsby Barcelona, and Viana Barcelona. These restaurants and/or cafes are the top-rated places spots to eat the best food in Barcelona.

Typical Granada tapas dishes


The gastronomy of Granada, the home of the Alhambra, depicts Arab-Andalusian culture. The cuisines of Granada are seen to have a strong influence from Arab spices and also that of vegetables and meat.

Here’s a list of the best tapas in Spain – Granada.


  • Sacromonte Omelette – The authentic Sacromonte Omelette is made up of cooked veal beans, bull’s testicles and beaten eggs. However, this dish is made in a different manner at different places and seen not to be made in an authentic way anymore.

  • Plato Alpujarreno – Made of potatoes, ham, morcilla, eggs and sweet peppers, it is one of the best and most easily available cuisines in Granada. Plato Alpujarreno is available on roadside stalls and even in restaurants since it is a staple food of Granada.

  • Wine – Granada is popularly known for its world-class wine production. The wine in Granada is usually prepared in small-size wineries by traditional methods. Since these special wines are not mass-produced and made with different techniques from place to place, wine-tasting is something you should not miss when in Granada

Other typical Granada dishes – Granada is also known for its sweet green tea, tapas, Arab-styled dessert dishes, pastries, and seafood.


Best Restaurants to visit in Granada – Cueva de la Rocio, El Trillo Restaurante Granada, Restaurante Mirador de Morayma, and Restaurante Palacio Andaluz Almona.

You can check the menu of the respective restaurants and then choose to visit the nearest one to you depending on the type of cuisine you wish to eat in Granada.

Person reading newspaper while eating popular tapas in spain

Galician tapas


The Galician cuisine serves some of the most popular tapas in Spain when it comes to seafood. The seafood of Galicia is one of a kind and is seen to be available across Spain.

The Galician seafood dishes are known to be amongst the most unique, and expensive foods to eat in Spain. Here’s the best tapas in Spain from Galicia that you may not want to miss out on.

  • Pulpo A Feira One of the finest dishes from Galicia, Pulpo A Feira is an octopus dish that is known to be the best in the region.

    The dish is made by boiling octopuses, to be shallow-fried in olive oil and sprinkled with paprika. It is served with cooked potatoes and it tastes delicious. It is available almost everywhere in Galician restaurants and tapas bars.

  • Cocido Gallego Made of cabbage, chickpeas, pork shoulder, chorizo and turnip tops, Cocido Gallego tastes delicious. It is a winter-special cuisine of Galicia.

  • Tetilla Cheese – Known as Queixo De Tetilla in Galicia, it is a cheese that comes in a dome-shaped packaging. It has a mild taste and a soft texture. It is usually seen paired with authentic Spanish wine, ham, and olives.


Other Galician tapas items Apart from this, Galicia also offers the best food experiences in Spain by serving you Empanada Gallega, Chuletón De Ternera, Mejillones Al Vapor, Caldo Gallego, etc.

Best Restaurants to visit in Galicia – Some of the best places to visit to eat the best food in Galicia include Casa Marcelo, A Xanela Gastronómica, A Pulpeira De Melide.

Cocido galego a popular tapas in spain

Typical food and tapas Girona


The cuisines of Girona are known to be ancient and complex. The restaurants and cafes in Girona, Spain offer food of Catalan and Mediterranean styles.

The food of Girona represents the standard of the best quality food internationally and hence is a must-try. Here is a list of best tapas in Spain from Girona.

  • Sweet Butifarra sausage – It is a dish made of fresh cured meat that is to be eaten with apple, and a flavour of lemon and cinnamon.

  • Xuixo – It is a world-famous Spanish dessert. It is a pastry coated with sugar that is known to taste legendary and is one of the most-eaten foods by tourists in Girona.

  • Ratafia When in Girona, you may not want to miss out on Ratafia. It is a sweet form of liquor made with herbs. It is authentic and tastes good and hence is a must-try of Girona.


Other tapas in Girona Girona is also known for its variety of chocolates, cava, wines, sauces, cured meats, Salsifies, dishes of Palamos prawns, etc.

Best Restaurants to visit in Girona Some of the best places to eat in Girona include El Celler de Can Roca, Restaurant El Cul del Món, Txalaka, Restaurant El Cabrit.

Tapas in Madrid


The Castilians and Manchegans cuisines have a great influence on the gastronomy of Madrid and on the popular snacks in Spain scene.

The tapas culture is seen to have taken turns with the variations in the rulers on the land of Madrid from time to time. The cuisine of Madrid is multi-dimensional, yet authentic, and sophisticated.

  • Patatas Bravas The Patatas of Madrid differ from those available elsewhere in Spain. The ones available in Madrid are amazingly aromatic, so much so that they fill the streets with their beautiful aroma. In Madrid, the Papatas are accompanied by Calamari Roll and are one the most famous fast foods in the city.

  • Bocadillo de Calamares It is a seafood-based fried sandwich. Originally made by frying squid, Bocadillo de Calamares is one of the best foods to eat in Spain.

  • Churros Made up by mixing flour, water, olive oil, and salt, it is a snack or a breakfast dish in Madrid. It is usually served with hot chocolate as a dip.


Other tapas in Madrid Madrid is also home to Cocido Madrileno and a number of other seafood dishes.

Best Restaurants to visit in Madrid Sobrino de Botín, MU! El Placer de la Carne, DSTAgE, La Mi Venta, etc. are the best places to eat in Spain, Madrid.

A plate of popular tapas in spain

A person eating a plate of the best tapas spain

Tapas in Seville


Seville is known for its versatility when it comes to where to eat in Spain. Spain is home to countless varieties of meat dishes, desserts, and tapas combinations. Here’s a list of some must-have popular snacks in Spain, when visiting Seville.

  • Espinacas con garbanzos – It is a tapas variety made of spinach and chickpeas. It is one of the few vegetarian tapa dishes that tastes absolutely delicious! This dish has its roots in the Moorish and Jewish history of ancient Spain.

  • Secreto ibérico – It is a pork dish that is known to be one of the most difficult dishes to be cooked. It tastes mouth-watering and is totally worth a try.

  • Serranito – The signature sandwich of Seville, Serranito is made of pork, ham, tomatoes and green pepper. Serranito is also available in chicken if you prefer not to have pork.

  • Cazón en adobo – It is a seafood dish made of sand shark, cumin, lemon and vinegar. It is simple-looking at the first glance but really mouth-watering!


Other tapas in Seville – Seville is also known for its beautiful dishes like Puchero, Roscos Fritos, boiled shrimp, Zanahoria aliñadas, Vino de Naranja, etc.

Best Restaurants to visit in Seville – Bodeguita Romero, Espacio Eslava, Manolo Leon’s House, Los Coloniales, etc are the few best foodie destinations in Spain, Seville.

Popular tapas in spain patatas bravas

Tapas in San Sebastian


San Sebastian is not only one of the best foodie destinations in Spain but is also considered the best-quality food destination across the globe.

The city is known to be enormously filled with a huge variety of restaurants and cafes serving popular snacks in Spain.

It is essential to note that, San Sebastian has the best Basque cuisines that are not worth missing. Here are a few of the best tapas in Spain from San Sebastian:

  • Txuleta – San Sebastian is world-famous for serving the best varieties of beef dishes. Txuleta is one of many beef varieties that the region offers. This dish is prepared by grilling the meat slab on coals to give it a smoky taste to be served with a sprinkle of sea salt.

  • Bacalao Pil Pil – It is a dish cooked in a pan by mixing simple ingredients like bacalao, olive oil and garlic. It is one of the best cuisines of San Sebastian that you must try for sure.

  • Kokotxas – This delicacy is made by grilling or frying the cheeks of cod fish. It is one of a kind cuisine of Spain that is made nowhere else other than in San Sebastian.

  • Torrija It is a dish that is made up of baked egg custard which is soaked in brioche with a caramel crust. Though available across Spain, the Basque country especially the San Sebastian region serves the best form of Torrija in the world. It is a traditional food dish but one of the most preferred dishes by tourists from different countries.

  • Anchoas – The best variety of Anchoas is found in the Cantabrian sea of the Basque country. You may find grilled Anchoas in the cafes along the coastline of San Sebastian. At some places, Anchoas are also served after cooking along with olive oil, and a local variety of guindilla pepper.


Other tapas in San Sebastian – While in San Sebastian, you may also want to try Idiazabal cheese, dishes of Salt cod, Fresh foie gras, etc.


Best Restaurants to visit in San Sebastian – Arzak, Astelena, Restaurante Kaskazuri, and Casa Urola are amongst the best restaurants and/or cafes in San Sebastian that you must prefer to visit.

Tapas in Valencia


Known to be the birthplace of Paella, Valencia is also home to many other popular snacks in Spain. Valencia is one of the best food cities in Spain that no foodie traveller should miss visiting.

Here are a few of the best tapas in Spain when visiting Valencia.

  • Paella – The Paella served in Valencia is made of green beans or white beans, the meat of rabbit or chicken, saffron, rice, peas and snails. The Valencian Paella is slightly on the spicier side and tastes great!

  • All I Pebre – It is a stew dish made with potatoes and eel, cooked in a sauce made of almonds, garlic, paprika and saffron. It is a less-famous cuisine in Spain and is typically available only in Valencia. It is undoubtedly one of the tastiest food you would taste in Spain.

  • Horchata and fartons Horchata is vegan milk that is world-famous, it is consumed by people across the globe, especially on hot days.

    It is a lesser-known fact that Horchata milk actually originates from Valencia. While in Valencia, Horchata is served with sugar-coated sweet pieces of bread named fartons. It is typically a preferred breakfast dish or a snack dish to be consumed after a long tour day.

  • Flan de Calabaza Don’t miss out on tasting this, best dessert dish in Valencia. Made up of pumpkin as a primary ingredient, this dish has a unique flavour that you cannot afford to miss.


Other tapas in Valencia – While in Valencia, don’t miss tasting other Valencian cuisines like Clochinas, Bullit, Coca, and Arroz A Banda.

Best Restaurants to visit in Valencia – La Pepica, La Salita de Begoña Rodrigo, Navarro, Kuzina, etc. are the best food destinations in Valencia, Spain.

Person squeezing lemon on a plate of popular tapas in spain

Tapas aka pinchos in Santander


Pinchos in Santander are varied and delish! In the capital of the Cantabria region, tapas is known as Pinchos. There are a number of tapas bars scattered all over Santander, that make relishing tapas dishes out of fresh local ingredients. Here’s a guide to be at some of the best places for Tapas in Santander:

  • Bodega Fuente De – This is one of the oldest tapas bars in Santander. A wide variety of tapas here are served with beer, or Rioja wine from Northern Spain. The must-have here is the pimientos de Padron which is fried Padron peppers.

    The dish has almost all mild-flavored peppers and a randomly placed spicy one making it a fun dish to have with a group of friends.

  • La Mar – A perfect destination for oyster lovers. This tapas bar serves exclusive varieties of oysters only, along with drinks. The restaurant ambience is classic and romantic making it a perfect place for a relaxing evening.

  • Tonin Y Bruma – This tapas bar is famous for tomato tapas – tomate. You can hand-pick and have the biggest and the best-looking tomato on your plate, here. This tapas dish has your tomato neatly sliced and doused with olive oil and rock salt. It’s simple tasting but delicious. Apart from this, you can also have smoked anchovies and salmon with lime and toast.

  • Canadío – A place that is filled with various varieties of tapas and where people come to try them all! Cañadío is probably a tapas bar that serves the most varieties of tapas at the most affordable rates. Don’t forget to try the Jamon baguette.

  • Casa Lita – Made of fresh and locally picked ingredients, the tapas here are more than amazing! This award-winning tapas bar is a vibrant place to be too. The place is usually very crowded and there is almost no vacant space, but you can always stand and enjoy your tapas if you wish to!

  • El Diluvio – A place famous for tortillas with a variety of stuffings. Don’t forget to have a tapa dish made of the Basque delicacy, Angulas (actually mock-Angulas, called gulas).

  • El Sol- This is one of the best places to have Patatas Bravas in Santander. Crisp on the outside and soft inside. This tapas delicacy is topped with a spicy sauce and jalapenos. The bar usually has many offers going on, on various tapas dishes, which you shouldn’t miss by the way.

Restaurants to try the best tapas in Spain


Spain has the highest number of restaurants on the list of the world’s best restaurants. And without a doubt, the credit is well-deserved! Most restaurants in Spain not only serve popular snacks in Spain with a relishing taste but also offer a top-notch ambience to lit your mood!

As mentioned above, there are thousands of best places to eat in Spain and almost all cities have their best fine dining restaurants that specialize in one or more cuisines of a particular geography.

However, the following is the list of restaurants that you must not miss stepping into while exploring the best foodie destinations in Spain:



Run by a father-daughter chef duo, Arzak is one of the most famous and successful restaurants in San Sebastián, Spain.

It is a three Michelin-star restaurant that specializes in authentic Basque country cuisine.

The best part of visiting Arzak is that you can connect with your roots through the food served to you. The restaurant menu is versatile and the flavours are remarkably relatable to globally renowned cuisines.

Why eat at Arzak – The restaurant is known for its authenticity, experience, expertise, quality and service. Though the restaurant is known for its authentic food, it strives hard to innovate and experiment to serve unique food dishes that are surely exciting and of course amazing!

What to eat at Arzak – It is best known for its variety of seafood dishes. You may not want to miss the grilled oyster and its chestnut ice cream!

Chef making dishes of popular tapas in spain

Martin Berasategui Restaurant


Founded in 1993, Martin Berasategui Restaurant is a restaurant named after its founder and chef Martin Berasategui.

He is known to be one of the top 5 best chefs in the world. The food at this place is inclined toward French cuisine. However, the food herein is prepared using only locally available authentic ingredients and spices.

Martin Berasategui is also a three Michelin star restaurant and one of the most recommended places to eat in Spain.


Why eat at Martin Berasategui Restaurant – Because, why not?! Who wouldn’t love to eat the food prepared by one of the best chefs in the world?

Apart from that, this restaurant offers the best dining experience in Spain through its exquisite ambience! Not to mention the picturesque natural setting that surrounds the restaurant.

What to eat at Martin Berasategui Restaurant – The place is best known for Red mullet, Iberian pork trotters, vanilla apple pie, and some best oyster dishes.



It is a two-star Michelin restaurant that was founded back in 1998. It is based out of the Basque country in northern Spain.

Mugaritz is that one place that catches your eye instantly! It is known to serve its dishes in the most aesthetic manner that appeals to food enthusiasts.

Why eat at Mugaritz – The restaurant is a must-visit for travellers and food enthusiasts who love trying unique food varieties in terms of appearance as well as taste.

The chef and owner of the restaurant Andoni Luis Aduriz is a charmingly creative person when it comes to experimenting with dishes and you would agree with the fact that he has succeeded in it quite well!

What to eat at Mugaritz – Don’t miss out on the Beef txuleta with chicory, and the world-famous dish “First Kiss Natura”. The dishes are served in a beautiful way that definitely makes you click several snaps before you begin to eat!

Toasted bread with ham a popular tapas in spain

El Celler de Can Roca


Located in Girona, El Celler de Can Roca is one of the best restaurants in the world and not just in Spain.

Run by the three Roca brothers, dining at this restaurant is a unique experience in itself! However, if you really wish to dine in here, make sure you book your table even before you book your flight to Spain!

The reservations of El Celler de Can Roca are full for over 11 months or more every year!

Why eat at El Celler de Can Roca: This place is where not many can step in, for it’s one of the most expensive restaurants in Spain and due to the long queue of reservations that you cannot skip.

Every cuisine on the menu is served in an antique and unique way that leaves you amazed to only taste the world’s best food!

You cannot have enough of the creativity the founders have put in, in building the menu, selecting the cutlery, decorating the ambience, maintaining the service etiquettes and so much more!

Apart from that, the restaurant also has its own vegetable garden that serves its own kitchen, which is another unique feature of the place.

What to eat at El Celler de Can Roca: Enjoy the wide variety of seafood dishes including prawns, cuttlefish, etc. paired with one of the finest wines in Spain.

With so many cuisines to choose from and so many places to visit, which one are you going to choose?

Eating tapas in Spain is exciting and delightfully diverse. Sans spice, it is still delicious and all about the flavor of the ingredients. You will definitely need more than a trip to sample all of the wonderful dishes on offer!

FAQs for popular tapas in Spain


  • What is the food capital of Spain?

San Sebastian is the food capital of Spain. Located in the Basque country, it is home to countless restaurants, bars, markets of fresh foods, and food shops.


  • What are the most famous food dishes in Spain?

Undoubtedly, the Tapas or the Pinchos dishes top the list, making it the food culture of Spain. It can be followed by Tortilla, Patata Bravas and Pimientos de Padron.


  • Which cities in Spain serve the best food?

Cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Bilbao and San Sebastian are known for various food cuisines. The cities boast a number of restaurants serving the best food dishes like Paella, Iberico ham, Tapas, etc.


  • Which foods are easily available in Spain?

You can find Patata Bravas, Gazpacho, and Paella almost anywhere in Spain.


  • What are some famous snacks in Spain?

Tortilla de Patatas (the Spanish Omelette), Bocadillo de Jamon (the ham sandwich), Pan Tumaca (the tomato bread), and Patatas Bravas are some of the most popular snack items in Spain.


  • Which drinks are famous in Spain?

Rioja, Sangria, Sherry, Cava, Tinto de Verano, and Madroño are some of the most famous alcoholic drinks served in almost all restaurants in Spain.


  • Which are the other famous restaurants in Spain?

Some of the famous restaurants in Spain include Cenador de Amos, Mugaritz, Azurmendi,  Martin Berasategui, Paco Roncero, ABaC, Cannibal Cantina Bistro, etc. These restaurants are known for their rich ambience, best food and of course world-class excellence in service.

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