Burano is a pretty island near Venice that has grown popular over the last few years. Is Burano worth visiting when you’re already in stunning Venice? Absolutely! Read on why is it worth going to Burano and why you shouldn’t!

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through travel photos online, only to stumble upon images of a place so vividly colourful it seems almost unreal? That’s how I first encountered Burano, a small island in the Venetian Lagoon, which led me to ask myself: Is Burano worth visiting? Should I allocate extra days to check it out? 

As someone who has this island, I’m here to tell you – YES! 

Amongst all the destinations Italy has to offer, Burano is a masterpiece with houses painted with all the colours of the rainbow. So, here’s what Burano has to offer, why is it worth going to Burano and things you need to consider if you decide to visit, including tips and tricks!

Note that both islands can be reached within the hour and are usually covered in a half-day trip unless you plan on staying longer to enjoy after the crowds have left!

People walking along the canal in Burano with colourful houses next to it

Is Burano worth visiting

Asking ‘is it worth going to Burano?’ is like asking if it’s worth having a scoop of your favourite ice cream on a hot day. The moment you step foot on Burano, you’re hit with a vibrant splash of colours. It’s not just about the pretty houses; it’s about the feeling you get wandering those streets. It’s peaceful, yet alive with culture and history.

Famous for its lace-making, Burano offers a glimpse into a craft that’s been perfected over generations. The locals are friendly, the seafood is fresh and delicious, and every corner offers a new photo opp. It’s not just about the visuals, though they are stunning. It’s the feeling of stepping into a community that’s held onto its traditions while welcoming visitors with open arms.

Colourful houses with a red door in Burano is burano worth visiting

Why is Burano worth visiting – What to see in Burano

Heading to Burano was like stepping into a vibrant postcard, and let me tell you, every corner of this island is bursting with stories waiting to be discovered. Here’s what I did when I visited and will answer the question- Why is Burano worth visiting?

A convenient way to explore Burano is by booking this Guided Tour of Burano Island. You can also check out this article about more things to do in Burano.

Use the Table of Contents at the top, to check how to get to Burano and tentative costs if you’d like to check those out first!

Explore the colourful streets

First things first, you can’t visit Burano without taking time out to wander through the streets to get lost – intentionally. Every street and corner has bright houses, which were apparently made bright, so that fishermen could find their way home when a fog came in from the sea – a big reason why is Burano worth visiting.

Each house is painted in a bright, bold colour, making every street unforgettable. Trust me, you need to carry your camera so that you capture all of them!

Visit the Lace Museum (Museo del Merletto)

Next up, the Lace Museum was a highlight for me and a reason why is Burano worth it. Housed in the historic Palazzo del Podestà di Torcello, the Lace Museum traces the history of lace-making in Burano, an art for which the island is renowned worldwide.

It was fascinating to see how Burano’s famous lace is made. It takes ages for the craftsmen to produce their work which is why items from here are quite exquisite!

The museum displays fine examples of Burano lace, from intricate tablecloths to delicate garments, and offers insights into the techniques and history of this fine craft. It’s a deep dive into a craft that’s been perfected over centuries, and seeing it up close is truly special.


Lace Museum (Museo del Merletto)

Address:P.za Baldassarre Galuppi, 187, 30142 Venezia VE, Italy

Timings: 10 AM –4 PM 

Tickets: Adults – €5, Children €3.50

Colourful bright buildings in Burano by the canal is murano and burano worth visiting

Shop for Authentic Lace Products

After learning all about lace, I couldn’t resist picking up a few lace items to bring home. The shops around Burano are filled with authentic, handmade lace products, from delicate doilies to elegant dresses. It’s a great way to support local artisans and take a piece of Burano’s heritage with you.

Explore Piazza Galuppi

Named after the 18th-century composer Baldassare Galuppi, this square is the heart of Burano. Lined with restaurants, cafes, and shops, it’s a perfect place to enjoy a meal or a coffee while exploring the town. The square is also where you’ll find the statue of Baldassare Galuppi, paying homage to the island’s musical heritage.

Enjoy the Local Cuisine

No visit to Burano is complete without trying some local specialities. The island is famous for its seafood, particularly the Risotto de Go, a creamy risotto made with the local goby fish. Also, be sure to try the Bussolà and Esse cookies, traditional sweets that make a perfect snack as you explore.


Restaurants in Burano Venice

Here are some notable restaurants in Burano that are worth checking out:

Trattoria al Gatto Nero stands out as one of Burano’s most beloved eateries. This place has a cosy vibe that makes you feel right at home, and the seafood risotto? Absolutely to die for.

Then there’s Riva Rosa Ristorante. It’s a bit more upscale, with modern takes on classic Venetian dishes. Eating their mixed seafood antipasto with the canal view in the background felt downright luxurious. It’s perfect for a special evening out.

Visit the Church of San Martino Vescovo

This church is notable for its 16th-century bell tower, which, much like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, has a noticeable tilt. Inside, you’ll find a Crucifixion scene by the Venetian painter Giambattista Tiepolo. The church itself is a serene spot that reflects the island’s spiritual heritage.


Church of San Martino Vescovo

Timings: 8 AM –12 PM, 3 PM – 7 pm

Tickets: Free

Colourful houses in Burano with a bridge and boats is it worth going to burano

When is Burano worth visiting

Deciding when to visit Burano depends on what you’re looking for in your travel experience.


  • Spring (March to May): This is a fantastic time to visit Burano. The weather is starting to warm up, but it’s not too hot yet, making it perfect for walking around and exploring all those colourful streets without the summer crowds. Plus, the spring light is just incredible for photos.


  • Summer (June to August): Summer is peak tourist season, and while Burano will be busier, it’s also when the island is at its most vibrant. The weather is warm, ideal for those boat tours around the island or enjoying a gelato as you stroll. Just be prepared for more people and higher prices.


  • Fall (September to November): Fall in Burano is like a hidden gem. The crowds start to thin out, and the weather is still pleasant, especially in early fall. It’s a great time to enjoy the local cuisine and experience the island’s culture more authentically. Plus, the changing seasons add a beautiful backdrop to the already stunning scenery.


  • Winter (December to February): If you’re not a fan of cold weather, winter might be challenging, but it’s worth considering. The island is much quieter, giving you a more intimate experience of its beauty and traditions. Just note that some restaurants and shops might have reduced hours or be closed.

So, when is Burano worth visiting? Honestly, it shines all year round, but if I had to pick, I’d say spring and fall are the sweet spots. You get the beauty, the culture, and more elbow room to explore. But no matter when you go, Burano’s charm is always in full bloom.

A water boat in Venice taking tourists to Burano on a sunny day with colourful buildings behind
Red and pink houses in Burano by the canals on a sunny day

Where to stay in Burano


While Burano itself is a small island with limited accommodation options, most visitors choose to stay in Venice or on nearby islands and make day trips to Burano. However, there are a few places to stay on the island if you’re looking for an immersive experience in Burano’s colourful setting.

Luxury: Venissa Wine Resort

Located on the nearby island of Mazzorbo, which is connected to Burano by a footbridge, Venissa offers a luxurious stay amidst vineyards, with elegantly designed rooms and high-end amenities. It’s known for its restaurant and wine production, providing a unique Venetian experience.

Midrange: Casa Burano

Casa Burano is an aesthetically pleasing boutique hotel located directly on Burano. Each room is individually designed to reflect the island’s vibrant colours and artisanal heritage, offering a comfortable and stylish stay.

Budget: Casa Nova

If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, Casa Nova provides simple, clean, and cosy accommodation in Burano. It offers the charm of staying on the island at a more affordable price point, perfect for travellers who want to experience Burano’s beauty without breaking the bank.

Where is Burano


Burano is a picturesque island located in the Northern Venetian Lagoon, in the Veneto region of Italy. The Venice to Burano distance is about 7 kilometres (about 4 miles), making it easily accessible by Vaporetto (water bus). This charming island is part of an archipelago of four islands linked by bridges.

How to get to Burano Italy


Now that you know why is it worth going to Burano, getting there, is straightforward. Since Burano is an island, the most common and practical way to reach it is by water transport ie Vaporetto. Here’s how you can get to Burano from Venice.

A water boat near the island of burano taking tourists to visit on a sunny day

Is it worth going to Burano from Venice?


For visiting Burano from Venice, you typically take a vaporetto from Venice. The main departure points are Fondamente Nove or San Zaccaria near St. Mark’s Square. Line 12 is the direct service to Burano, offering scenic views of the lagoon during the approximately 45-minute journey. Tickets can be purchased at the Vaporetto stations, and it’s advisable to check the timetable in advance for the latest schedules.

The journey offers a scenic route through the Venetian Lagoon, allowing you to soak in the serene water views before reaching Burano’s vibrant shores.

A major reason why is Burano worth it is the island’s small size makes it perfect for exploring on foot, and its proximity to other islands like Murano, famous for its glass-making, and Torcello, known for its ancient churches and quiet charm, makes it a great choice if you are looking for day trips to the islands to experience the beauty and heritage of Venice’s less crowded neighbours.

Is Murano or Burano better?


Is Murano and Burano worth visiting? Yes! Especially if you’re already planning to be in Venice.

Choosing between Murano and Burano comes down to what you’re into. I visited both on my trip to Venice on this Murano & Burano Guided Tour and Murano is all about the glass.

Walking through the island, you’ll see glass workshops and showrooms at every turn. I was fascinated watching artisans transform globs of molten glass into delicate art right before me.

The Glass Museum was a highlight, showing off centuries of glass-making history. Murano feels a bit more laid-back, with its focus squarely on this incredible craft.

Burano, on the other hand, is a blast of colour. It’s not just for show; the tradition has deep roots in the island’s fishing history as mentioned above.

Then there’s the lace. Burano’s lace is exquisite, and seeing the precision with which it’s made is astounding. The Lace Museum dives into this history, but just walking into shops and seeing the lacework is enough to appreciate its beauty. Plus, the seafood in Burano is some of the best I’ve had – fresh and simple.

So, if you ask me, is Murano and Burano worth visiting? It depends. If you’re captivated by art and the magic of glassblowing, Murano it is. But if you’re after vibrant scenes for your photos and a taste of traditional lace, visiting Burano won’t disappoint.

I found both islands offered a unique slice of Venetian culture that you don’t get in the city. Can’t go wrong with either, but the contrast between Murano’s glass artistry and Burano’s colourful, lace-lined streets provided two very different, yet equally memorable experiences.

I would pick both!

Tourists visiting burano from venice and taking a walk on eof the best things to do in burano

How long do you need in Burano?


Spending time in Burano, you’ll find that a half-day to a full day is generally enough to soak in the island’s charm, explore its colourful streets, visit the lace shops, and even enjoy a leisurely meal.

I found that starting early in the morning allowed me to experience Burano before the crowds arrived, making the exploration of its vibrant, picturesque streets more enjoyable.

So, if you’re still wondering “Is Burano worth it?” my answer is a big yes. It’s not just about seeing the bright houses or learning about the special lace they make there.

What makes Burano special is how it keeps its traditions alive and how everyone works together to keep the island looking beautiful. I found out that the government even decides what colour you can paint your house!

This place is more than just a pretty spot; it’s a community where old customs are still a big part of everyday life. For anyone looking for a real, lively place to visit, Burano it is!

Is Burano worth visiting– FAQs


  • Is Burano expensive?

For experiencing Burano’s charm—its spectrum of colourful houses and picturesque canals—costs nothing. Yes, If you’re dining out or shopping for its renowned handmade lace. Affordable eats and treats can be found if you venture off the main paths. Planning helps manage expenses, ensuring you can soak in the beauty and culture of Burano without overspending.


  • Is Burano safe?

Yes, Burano is very safe for tourists, offering a friendly and welcoming environment.


  • How long does it take to get to Burano from Venice?

It takes approximately 45 minutes by Vaporetto (water bus) from Venice to Burano.


  • How far is Burano from Venice?

Burano is about 7 kilometres (roughly 4 miles) from Venice.


  • Is Burano a good place to visit?

Yes, Burano is a fantastic place to visit. Renowned for its vividly coloured houses and intricate lace-making, this charming island offers a unique blend of art, culture, and history. Its tranquil canals and friendly atmosphere provide a serene escape from the hustle of Venice, making it a must-see destination.

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is burano worth visiting is murano and burano worth visiting is it worth going to burano
is burano worth visiting is murano and burano worth visiting is it worth going to burano