In the age of luxury travel, when prices have skyrocketed, for many who can afford it, saving time and avoiding crowds is worth it. Be it a weekend trip to Europe, or a private getaway to Thailand for an office mingle, private jets have been a relative staple in the world of business for many years now.

Not only does this mode of travel allow executives to get to clients and close deals whenever they want, but there are several benefits to how you do business and your relationship with clients.


Most major cities, towns, or destinations can be reached via a commercial flight, with some requiring two or even three different flights and a car ride to get there. But what happens when you want to unlock new destinations that aren’t so commercially connected? Well, access to such remote regions is one of the biggest advantages of using a private jet charter.

With a private jet, you can land wherever there’s a runway. They don’t require the same infrastructure as commercial jets, so you can visit faraway locations with the most amazing views.


Remote Access

Access to hard-to-reach destinations is also a huge plus and something that many businesses can benefit from. Directly reaching these remote locations will allow you to expand your influence to areas you may not have had access to. When you combine this with the ability to meet clients face-to-face and on time, you start your business relationship on a most personable note.


Ease of Use

Private jets are incredibly easy to use, especially when your business owns one. Not only do you get to almost any destination in the world, but the process is also quicker. You don’t have the same hassles and wait times as you do with commercial flights.

You will have access to your private lounge; passport control takes minutes, and the time between getting to the airport or landing strip and being up in the air can be as little as 20 minutes, with far less hassle and inconvenience.

Maximizing Time

Time is crucial in business; whether you are closing a deal, meeting with clients, or finishing work, the more time you have, the better. Private jet travel maximizes your productivity without wasting time waiting, making flight connections, or doing extra travel. Being able to cut out everything involved in commercial travel gives you more time to do what matters and make the most of your travel time.


The flexibility of using a private jet is another huge benefit for businesses. You can take off almost whenever you want, and you can change your flight plan at the last minute or even mid-flight once you’re up in the air. Be it changing destinations within Europe or long haul to the Caribbean, you can also have complete control over your schedule, meaning you can quickly go to a meeting at 8 AM across the country and return before lunch.


A bridge on the Lausanne lake in autumn in Switzerland in fall with fall foliage around


Your productivity is greatly enhanced when so much of the private jet experience revolves around ease of use. Working in a crowded airport or cramped cabin with all the noise and distractions can be hard for even the most focused individual.

On a private jet, you have the quiet you need; WiFi access, so you’re able to take and make calls; and with some jets having offices or meeting facilities, you can effortlessly turn a plane into an office in the sky, allowing you to work as effectively as if you were on the ground.


Status Symbol

A sometimes overlooked aspect of private travel is the message it conveys to potential clients. It allows you to be more available; it shows you take their business seriously, and (because there’s no denying this factor) it impresses them. It shows that you are a reliable and powerful company and a serious business person.

This goes a long way in building trust with clients, as they are more likely to take your proposals and insights onboard as they can see how serious you are about what you do.


Immediate Emergency Travel

A change of heart or doubt on the client’s side can collapse a deal. The last thing you want is for a deal to fall through because you couldn’t get them on the phone or they’re too busy to give you the time to close the deal.

A private jet gives you the benefit of directness and proactiveness that can get you to their office in hours. This becomes particularly useful for people in more remote locations, as the last thing you want with a pending deal hanging in the balance is the journey to take 20 hours with two or three different flights, wasting valuable time you could have spent securing a client.

Improved Client Experience

On the flip side of using a private jet, you can also easily allow clients access to it. If you want a client to come to your office or meet with you, being able to fly them in at a moment’s notice is a complete game-changer.

If a client lives in Juneau, Alaska, for example, a city that can’t be reached by car, having a private jet available to whisk them to your doorstep is not only the ultimate way to do business, but it also drastically improves the experience your client will have with you and your business.


Private All the Way

A private jet is one of the most effective and beneficial business travel methods. The accessibility and flexibility it affords can expand your reach further than you could have imagined. Plus, who could pass up the chance to fly in something better than first class?

Lavinia Dsouza

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