Travelling over the world and visiting most countries in Europe over the last decade has made me realise that not many know or are aware of the rules that airlines have to adhere to.

Having faced many flight cancellations and delays, I realised later that almost all airline companies in Europe are bound by law to pay a fee if certain conditions are met for flight delays and cancellations.

Any type of disruption can be stressful, but when it comes to cancellations due to security concerns, it can be difficult to deal with such serious circumstances.

Keep reading to find out more about common aviation security concerns, how they affect flight schedules and what to do if your flight is disrupted due to security issues, especially if your flight was with Finnair.

What are security concerns in aviation?

One of the most serious security concerns in aviation is violence, but strict security protocols at airports address the issue. Cyber threats also pose a security risk to aviation, with ransomware being one of the most common and debilitating threats.

Most security concerns are out of the control of airlines, which means passengers may not be eligible to claim compensation from Finnair.


How do security concerns affect flight schedules?

Today, airlines rely heavily on technology to streamline operations. This exposes them to cyber attacks that directly impact their operations. Ransomware attacks can interrupt communication systems or flight planning software, causing delays and disruptions.

Air traffic control can also be the target of cyber attacks, which can cause delays and cancellations. While terrorism is rare, any suspicion of this security threat can result in significant flight disruptions.


Pre-Flight Preparation

Monitoring Flight Status and Security Updates

Use a third-party flight tracking app notifications to quickly receive flight status updates. Stay up to date with aviation security concerns by following online news sites. Understanding security updates can help you understand the severity of your delay and your eligibility for Finnair flight compensation.


Essential Documents: Ensuring Everything is in Order

When airports have security concerns, they may screen each passenger more closely, which means it’s important to have all documents in order. This includes your passport, visas or any other supporting documents that verify your reasons for traveling.

What to Do If Your Flight Is Delayed or Cancelled?

For Finnair cancelled flights due to a security concern, airline customer service can help you understand the full scope of the delay or cancellation. Airline staff can also advise you on times and rerouting options.

For significant delays, you can receive a ticket refund from the airline. With Finnair, you can claim compensation only for circumstances within the airline’s control, for example, Finnair overbooking compensation.

If the disruption was within the airline’s control, you can file for Finnair compensation through the online Finnair compensation form. To make the compensation process easier, you can also hire Skycop, who will manage your claim on your behalf and fight for fair Finnair EU compensation.

How to Get the Information You Need?

Airline staff and fellow travellers can be valuable sources of information. You can also check online sources, such as airline websites, to get more detailed information about the security concerns regarding your flight.

Overview of Finnair’s Cancellation and Delay Policies

Finnair’s compensation policies adhere to EC261/2004, which establishes fair compensation for passengers in the case of delays, cancellations or denied boarding.

Airlines are obligated to pay compensation for flights that are cancelled with less than 14 days’ notice and which have a delayed arrival of more than 3 hours.

Compensation amounts are as follows:

  • €250 for flights 1,500 km or less
  • €400 for flights of more than 1,500 within the EU
  • €400 for flights between 1,500 and 3,500 km outside of the EU
  • €600 for flights longer than 3,500 km

Airlines provide passengers with care in the form of meals, accommodation and transportation in the case of cancellations and long delays.

Security Measures at Airports: What to Expect?

When you pass through airport security you can expect x-ray security control and luggage screening. You may be subject to additional security measures such as random screening or canine patrols.

Tips for Ensuring Your Own Security During Delays and Cancellation

  • Don’t leave your baggage unattended.
  • Keep all documents in hand in case of random screening.
  • Understand your rights in the case of delays and cancellations.
  • Contact companies like Skycop, who can provide guidance during delays caused by security concerns.

Today, some of the most common security threats include terrorism and cyber attacks. These are serious security concerns and often result in delays or cancellations. To stay on top of flight status security concerns, use flight tracking apps or follow the news for more detailed information.

While the situation may be stressful, keep the above tips to keep in mind to ensure your own security during these situations.

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