Scandinavia is notorious for being expensive, which is why ensuring you plan well is so important. My curated Scandinavia itinerary will make sure you get the most out of the Scandic region and have the best time on your trip to Scandinavia


3 fascinating countries – Norway, Sweden and Denmark, countless beautiful destinations, numerous exciting activities, and unlimited things to do – this is how a trip to Scandinavia can be described.

But then, how to decide how many days are enough for Scandinavia? Is it possible to explore Denmark, Sweden, and Norway while sticking to a strict trip plan?

Planning a trip to Scandinavia can be overwhelming, and with all the logistics, it may become hard to choose which places to visit and which ones to skip.

So, to help you make the most of your vacation, here is my ultimate 10-day Scandinavia itinerary.

10 days may not be enough to go off the beaten path, but it is enough to explore popular tourist attractions and get a solid overview of the region!

The Perfect Scandinavia Itinerary: 10 days


Huge rocks jutting from sea in Iceland on a 10 day Scandinavia itinerary

Days 1-2: Start in Copenhagen, Denmark

I tell anyone taking a trip through Scandinavia that they should start in Copenhagen. The capital of Denmark is well connected to the rest of Europe and several North American airports.

You will also find good train connectivity with neighbouring European countries, including Germany.

You may not have the first half of the day to explore the city, but you can plan some activities for the late afternoon and evening.

Consider guided tours of either Christiansborg Palace or Rosenborg Castle. It will be enough to keep you engaged for a couple of hours.

If you arrive late, then you can simply walk around Copenhagen’s city centre and opt for one of the food and drinks tours in Copenhagen that suits your taste buds.

On your second day in Copenhagen, you can combine Nyhavn District with Tivoli Gardens. The 17th-century waterfront district is known for its iconic colourful buildings and will be a memorable addition to your Scandinavia trip.

This is an entertainment area where you will find a variety of cafes, bars, and restaurants. Spend a couple of hours exploring, clicking photos, and trying out different dishes.

Then head off to Tivoli Gardens as this oldest amusement park and pleasure garden in the country is a must for your Scandinavia itinerary.

I also recommended buying the Tivoli Gardens + Unlimited Rides Combo Pass to skip the ticket lines.


Day 3: Fly to Stavanger, Norway

A lot of itineraries I see go to Stockholm right after Coepnhagen. If you want to do it this way, you can jump to days 8 and 9 of this itinerary.

However, I suggest you take a late-night flight out of Copenhagen and reach Stavanger on the second day of your Scandinavia travel itinerary. This will give you a fresh start for exploring the city and hiking one of the famous sites in Norway.

There are several hiking trails around Stavanger, but the most popular and doable of all is the Pulpit Rock hike (Preikestolen). You will find public transport to take you to the start of the trail, and from then, the hike can be done by anyone with average fitness.

To reach the viewing plateau and soak in the breathtaking view of Lysefjord, you will need to cover 8 kilometres of distance.

So, plan your day accordingly. Carry enough water and snacks. Wear hiking boots as the steps are steep. You can even consider booking a guide to hike with a small group to the famous lookout! It will be easier to do this hike with a local guide.

If you want to spend only part of the day on a hike when travelling in Scandinavia, then book this RIB Sightseeing Cruise to Lysefjord.

It will take only 2 hours and you will still be able to witness the stunning beauty of Lysefjord.

People resting at Pulpit rock in Norway on a 10 day Scandinavia itinerary

Day 4-5: Exploring Bergen & Floyen


Fly out to Bergen early on Day 4, as it is an important step in your Scandinavian itinerary. The best part is that it’s really easy to get to Bergen from Stavanger.

You will find a flight, a ferry, and an express bus to choose from, and all three options will take roughly the same time.

Although you’ll only have one day in Bergen, you can still do a quick tour of Bergenhus Fortress and then walk around Bryggen, where traditional wooden buildings stand tall along the water.

This series of Hanseatic heritage commercial buildings is one of my favorite stops on this itinerary

You will also find several restaurants and bars in Bryggen where you can have a relaxing dinner.

Then, on Day 5, you can head up to the Mountain of Fløyen for a day in the heart of nature.

Take the Fløibanen funicular to reach the top of Mount Fløyen, or you can hike to the top if you’re in really good shape!

Either way, it is recommended to start your day early as it starts getting crowded later in the day.

Buy your tickets to Fløibanen in advance to skip the lines.

If you go Hiking at Mount Fløyen, there are multiple trails to choose from. It would be easier to join a group where a professional guide will take you to the top of Mt Fløyen.

Colourful houses with boats in front in Bergen on a Scandinavia itinerary 10 days

Days 6-7: The Capital of Norway, Oslo.

Spending 2 days in Oslo will give you just enough time to see the best this city has to offer. Oslo, the capital city of Norway, is a must-visit for anyone traveling through Scandinavia!

On the first day in Oslo, plan to visit Akershus Fortress, the City Hall, the Royal Palace, and the incredible Oslo Cathedral.

Also, be sure to make time to relax near Karl Johans Gate. This is the main neighbourhood in Oslo, where you will find numerous cafes, restaurants, bars, and pubs.

I made sure that this Scandinavian itinerary gives you plenty of time to pamper the foodie in you.

Then, in the late afternoon you can tour Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art and Tjuvholmen Sculpture Park.

At the end of the sculpture park, you will also find Tjuvholmen Beach, which is perfect for catching stunning sunsets.

While there are many restaurants in Oslo where you can pamper your taste buds, I would actually encourage you to book Fjords Evening Buffet Cruise.

This will give you a chance to appreciate this beautiful harbour city from the water.

On Day 2 in Oslo, you can spend most of the time exploring the peninsula of Bygdøy. This area is known to be the best recreational site in Oslo where some of the top museums in Oslo are located.

You can cover The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, Kon-Tiki Museum, Fram Museum, and Norwegian Maritime Museum.

Definitely personalize your itinerary to see what you are super passionate about!

Many Scandinavian travel plans insist on including the Viking Museum in this area. However, it will be closed to the public until 2026.

Finally, if you’re hoping to catch another sense, Paradisbukta Beach or Vigeland Park are great options.

A fort in front of the river in Oslo on a Scandinavia itinerary 10 days

Days 8-9: Stay in Stockholm, Sweden


Take an overnight train from Oslo to Stockholm, and you will reach the capital of Sweden in around 6 hours.

For those interested in Scandinavia by train itinerary, a train journey from Oslo to Stockholm will be an easier as well as pocket-friendly option.

As the train station is in the heart of the city, it will save you from the hassle of booking a taxi.

This gives you a full 48 hours to explore Stockholm when and you can select from a variety of different activities that suit your pace.

Check this Red Sightseeing Hop-On Hop-Off Bus & Boat pass for easier and cheaper transportation.

You can start your Stockholm trip with Stockholm City Hall and then take a leisurely walk to Gamla Stan. This popular neighbourhood is everything a traveller could hope for. You can stop by the Parliament House and then proceed to soak in the bustling energy of Gamla Stan.

You’ll also find some beautiful buildings around here. The Royal Palace, Noble Prize Museum, Riddarholmen Church, and the awe-inspiring Science Fiction Bookstore are part of this neighbourhood.

At this point, I assume you’ll be exhausted from a full week of travel, so this part of my 10-day Scandinavia itinerary gives you a chance to slow down in Stockholm and relax a little.

On your second day in Stockholm, you can cover the remaining tourist attractions.

For example, ABBA The Museum is an interactive exhibition that I think looks very interesting. Do this in the morning, then tour the Vasa Museum in the late afternoon, followed by an evening on Norrmalm Island around the City Center.

Consider buying a Vasa Museum Entrance Ticket in advance to skip the lines. Check the events and rides at Gröna Lund in the evening before calling it a day.

Colourful houses in front of the river in Oslo on a trip to Scandinavia itinerary 10 days

Day 10: Time to Bid Adieu

You will find plenty of flights out of Stockholm as this city is well-connected with the rest of the world. No need to plan any activities on this day, but if you do have some free time on your hands, you can wander around Stockholm.

Be a part of the local canvas and say goodbye to this beautiful Scandinavian city.

Best Time to Visit Scandinavia


Scandinavian countries can be a year-round destination depending on your interests.

May to September is the best time to visit Scandinavian countries as these months guarantee warm weather and longer days.

But, you can also check what each season has to offer and then decide which is the best time to travel to Scandinavian countries for you.

Do you love northern lights and snowy adventures?

Winter is for you! December to February are the winter months when you can enjoy activities like cross-country skiing and ice fishing. You will also find Christmas markets and decorations adding to the beauty of Scandinavia.

Do you like hiking, and exploring outdoors minus touristy crowds? Then your 10 day Scandinavia itinerary is perfect for spring weather.

The months of spring in Scandinavia are from March to May. the crisp air and greenery will ensure you will see the spectacular side of these countries. But keep in mind that air may feel chilly and rainfall is common. So, be prepared for unexpected weather.

Are you a fan of sunbathing and swimming on the beach?

Then, plan your 10-day Scandinavia itinerary from June to August.

These summer months are the busiest time to spend 10 days in Scandinavia, since the weather is sunny and the days are longer.


How many days do you need for Scandinavia?

You will need about 10 Days in Scandinavia to explore the best of these countries.

It will give you enough time to enjoy the rides at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, hike to the top of Pulpit Rock and witness the raw beauty of Lysefjord in Stavanger, take the Fløibanen funicular in Berger, see the best of Oslo, and witness the sites in Gamla Stan.

You can also try for 2 weeks in Scandinavia to add more cities to a more slow-paced itinerary.

Woman playing with husky dogs in Norway on a trip to Scandinavia itinerary 10 days
Northern lights in Norway on a trip to Scandinavia itinerary 10 days

Closing Thoughts

No matter how much time you spend, you’ll likely leave wishing you had more. They’re just so beautiful!

But if you want to make the most of your time, this 10-day Scandinavia Itinerary is a great start for first-timers!

Also, keep in mind that if you visit in winter, there’s always the chance for Northern Lights, so definitely include that one or two evenings!

If you were expecting this itinerary to include Iceland and Finland, I’m sorry to inform you that those are technically ‘Nordic’ countries!

But I can still help! Check out my 6-Day itinerary for Iceland or the most popular Finnish Food to add these places to your itinerary!

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