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Ah Summer! When everything is bright, beautiful and sunny!

Including Britain!

Britain is infamous for having cloudy skies, chilly gusts of wind and summer that lasts for a week. No kidding. But what if I told you, there is a place in Britain, that boasts of having Mediterranean weather and is no secret? This area has places called Flushing, Mousehole and Lizard! And it’s none other than Cornwall!

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that Cornwall is one of the best places I’ve visited in England! It was early spring and although there was a nip in the air, it was still pleasant and warm.

Cornwall isn’t easy to get to, because as the famous saying goes, ‘There’s only place for you or your car in Cornwall!’ That being said, there is enough space for your car, but the landscape is such that there isn’t a complex network of public transport lines to take you to the places you truly need to visit.

best places to visit in cornwall

Lizard is one such place.

After reaching and parking at the famous Ann’s pasty shop, we started our walk towards the coast. Yes, someone’s who’s tired of London is tired of life, but Britain is much much more than London!

The countryside and cliff walks transport you to a make believe world you imagined as a child, as you read an Enid Blyton book!

The two mile walk around the coast, consists of many stunning coves and even though there are visitors, there’s lots of space for everyone, to sit and stare into infinity, take pictures, talk or continue to walk.

Simple and rustic houses greet you along the pathway and cattle continue to graze aimlessly. Even the crashing waves are pleasant to hear.

best places to visit in cornwall

best places to visit in cornwall

best places to visit in cornwall

Polpeor Cove isn’t one of the ‘famous’ coves that you’d see listed in the ‘Top 10’ but it is an image that you can’t erase easily. I wasn’t aware that it was called so, but I had seen images and I knew I had to see it for myself! Pictures don’t do it justice!

A tiny cafe sits at the other end of the cove and is a lovely place to take some rest, have some tea and then continue the walk around the southern most tip of the Lizard peninsula. Once we were back at the point we started, we devoured some of the famous pasties while we watched a live local football match on the ground opposite to the shop. Once our bellies were full we continued our walk in the opposite direction to Church Cove.

best places to visit in cornwall

The road to Church cove is full of nesting crows and they do make a racket. But once you pass the block of trees and continue further down, the views are to die for!

Completely free of visitors and utterly silent, we watched as a couple of kayaker’s lazily continued paddling towards the sea….

Once we had our fill of the panorama, we continued to the fishing village of Cadgwith.

best places to visit in cornwall

I had assumed that the views couldn’t get better, and Cornwall kept proving me wrong!

I can vehemently state the people living in Cadgwith reside in one of the most charming places on earth.

Your fingers might itch to capture an image every single step you take, which is what I did too, but after a while I gave up. There’s too much beauty to take it all in. After I while, I believed I needed to slow down, so I clambered to a rock that faced the sea and continued to gaze into infinity.

best places to visit in cornwall

After many moments, we headed to have some Cornish tea and pasties at one of the local shops in Cadgwith and then to Mousehole. Mousehole is en-route to Land’s End and although there aren’t any must-do’s in Mousehole, this tiny fishing village shouldn’t be missed.

Why is it called Mousehole you ask?

Some say the village got it’s name from a huge cave that lies a few hundred yards along the coast, but in truth, the origin of the name is a mystery!

However, if you walk along the wall, the harbor looks like a hole protecting the boats from the wind. If you ask me, I believe that’s where the name originates from!

best places to visit in cornwall

The houses sit perched along the slopes which also protect them form the wind and adds to the charm of Mousehole.

Land’s End although touristy was our last stop of the day. We hardly bumped into any visitors and the ones that were left were having dinner at the cafe.

The setting sun changed the colour of the ocean to a blazing gold. It was one of the best sunsets I’ve seen! And although it seemed as I would get blown away by the wind anytime soon, I still braved it and waited till the sun had finally set and all that remained was a melange of colours in the sky.

It had been a long day but one of the best I’ve had in all my time in England.

best places to visit in cornwall

best places to visit in cornwall

If you’ve now reached this point and are still with me, you’ll realise this article is written in one of the most happiest tones ever.

And for all the bookworms out there, if you go back to the days you read books written by British authors (including Enid Blyton) I’m sure you will be able to relate the description of the weather in the book to the one I’ve described here.

And for all of you looking for offbeat travel, the next time you visit England, take a train, get to Cornwall and have a look for yourself!


best places to visit in cornwall


Best places to visit in Cornwall

  • If you’d like to get to Cornwall by train, check the National Rail website. If you’re concerned about mutiple operators, don’t be! Just book you tickets and you’e good to go!

  • The nearest airport to Cornwall is the ne at Newquay but there are cheaper flights from Exeter. However, from Exeter, Cornwall is a good 2 hours away. So you might have to hire a car.

  • The bus service in Cornwall is operated by First. Check their website for timings and additional info

  • There is no charge to explore Lizard. Feel free to hike and walk as much as you please!

  • Church Cove, Polpeor Cove, Mousehole and the village of Cadgwith are again free to explore

  • Lands End  is also free for visitors, however the Visitor Centre is not. Please refer to the website for more details

  • If you’re looking for more places to explore check this website to plan for different locations if you won’t be staying near Lizard or Penzance


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Have you visited England or any country in the United Kingdom? Any suggestions for my next trip? Let me know!

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