If you ever thought camping was complex, Glamping is the solution and If you’re looking to enjoy the outdoors in Fife, Scotland, this is the perfect ‘Neuk’!

glamping tents at catchpenny in fife scotland

glamping tents at catchpenny in fife scotland

the coastline outside catchpenny glamping tents in fife scotland

stationary inside the glamping lodges in fife scotland

living room inside the glamping lodge in fife scotland

private porch outside the glamping tent in fife scotland

living room inside the glamping tent in fife scotland

cabin bed inside the glamping lodge

king size bed inside glamping tent in fife scotland

twin beds inside glamping tent in fife scotland

kitchen with wood stove inside glamping tent in fife scotland

kitchen inside glamping tent in fife scotland

kitchen inside glamping tent in fife scotland

catchpenny glamping tents in fife scotland

catchpenny glamping tents in fife scotland

sunsets in fife scotland while glamping

sunsets in fife scotland while glamping

barbecue outside the glamping tent in fife scotland

dinner using food from fife

barbecue while glamping in fife scotland

catchpenny glamping lodges in fife scotland

sunsets in fife scotland while glamping

  The train slows draws into the station. It’s my third visit to Scotland, and I wonder what’s in store for me this time as streaks of orange and purple dance across the sky. I’ve never seen Scotland look so serene and peaceful as it does now, but I guess that’s the beauty of Scotland, being rough yet making you feel you belong. Our cabbie is waiting for us, and the first thing he tells us is that he has no clue where we’re headed, but he’ll make sure to drop us off safely wherever it may be! After exchanging a few stories, about half an hour later from Leuchars station, we’re on the outskirts of Elie, Fife, right in front of the North Sea at Catchpenny Safari Lodges. We’re on the coast between Elie and St Monans. Catchpenny or ‘Catch-a-penny’ used to be the name of a former tavern located nearby where villagers used to drop by to get a drink, as they weren’t allowed alcohol in their village on Sundays, back in the olden days! The sun has now set, but I can hear the sounds of the waves and see the outline of the sea-shore. The canvas lodge is massive, and there’s a roaring fire in the living room. A pretty and snug cabin bed is present in one corner, perfect for kids or teens. Exquisite furnishings are placed around the sitting area giving it a lavish and sophisticated feel. I wander around for a while and head in search of the bedroom. I realise there’s two: king size and a twin room, sufficient to sleep 6. Both look cosy and have hot water bottles, complete with faux-fur covers placed over the bedding. I quickly change, fill up the bottles and head to bed. There’s something soothing about falling asleep to the sound of the waves. It’s always calmed me down. The wind tries to compete too but its the waves I concentrate on as I slowly drift off to sleep. The next day dawns bright and sunny, and I head off to make tea. We’re told the Ardross Farm shop is a five-minute walk away, and so is Bowhouse, where monthly food and craft fairs are held, in the other direction. However, to our surprise, the folks at Ardross have already generously stocked our cabins with organic butter, bread, marmalade, cereal and lots of other items. I notice the kitchen has all the necessary items one could need to serve a feast! There are wooden serving boards, cutlery, double hob gas stove, sticks for roasting marshmallows and lots of tiny electric lanterns. The kettles I used to heat water the last night look charming too! The living room has a stack of board games ideal for when it’s a rainy day (plenty in Scotland) when all you want to do is make s’mores by the wood burning stove (which also acts as a heater) and have fun with the family. The bathroom is complete with the loo, a shower cubicle, a heated towel rack, towels and natural products for use. As someone who grew up in the heart of the city and has never been camping, glamping doesn’t seem too bad so far! I have access to all the luxuries of home without having to pitch the tent myself! Not to miss the sunshine, I get dressed quickly after having breakfast and head out to the sea squinting to check for dolphins! There are rock pools on the way, rolling green hills in the distance, a beach or two and uninterrupted views over the Firth of Forth that I see. Turning back, I count eight luxury glamping tents in total, all powered by energy from wind turbines! Being impatient, I head off for a quick walk down the Fife coastal path, adjacent to the glamping lodges. I’m told there are some sites of archaeological importance around. Cows graze leisurely on the farms on the way and realising it might take a while; I head back to join the others to explore the neighbouring villages of Crail and Elie. The day is spent having a seafood picnic lunch at Crail harbour, picking fresh strawberries and hearing about the activities carried out at Barnsmuir Farm and tasting Aqua Vitae at Lindores Abbey Distillery. On the way back we get off at The Ship Inn at Elie for a pint of beer and mingle with the locals. A game of cricket is underway on the beach. We start walking towards Elie Ness lighthouse and take the Fife coastal path towards Catchpenny. Sunset begins painting the sky golden. I hear the call of various birds and have a feeling there are some golden eagles around! The sky changes colour yet again and gets enveloped in purple, orange and the darkest shade of pink I’ve ever seen. While the others get ready with preps for the barbeque on the fire pit located just outside the deck, I get back to ‘Bumblebee’, my glamping tent. I curl up in the chair outside and gaze in awe at one of the most astonishing sunsets I’ve seen in ages wondering why I didn’t stumble on this Neuk in my very first visit!   

Catchpenny Safari Lodges  // Ardross, Elie / Leven KY9 1EUFife, Scotland // WebsiteTel: +44 1333 330 594E-mail: http://catchpennyelie.co.uk/say-hello/

Pictures // Lavina 



Glamping in Fife, Scotland at Catchpenny Lodges

  • Catchpenny is on the coast and takes about 20 mins by car from Leuchars train station. Best to drive if possible

  • As the glamping lodges are powered by wind turbines, there are no 3-pin plugs however there are USB charging ports located inside the tents

  • A full basket of logs is provided on your first day and so is  are kitchen cleaning products and basics such as tea, coffee, sugar, oil, salt and pepper

  • It might get a little noisy if its rains however as long as you’re cosy you should get good sleep!

  • It could get chilly in the evenings so although hot water bottles are provided and the stove helps keep the tent warm, do get comfy clothing for the night and ensure you’re not low on the logs!

  • There are many pretty villages a short drive away and you’re never going to fall short of places to visit, things to do or things to eat!

  • Puffins can be found around summer on the Isle of May and there are almost daily trips from the 1st April to 30th September from Anstruther to the Isle of May

  • Ardross Farm shop is a 5 minute walk away and has the freshest produce and meat as also ready meals if needed


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I was invited by Catchpenny Lodges, however, all opinions are as always, my own.

Have you been glamping? Do you prefer camping or glamping?

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