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cocoon suites santorini greece review

cocoon suites santorini greece review

cocoon suites santorini greece review

cocoon suites santorini greece review

cocoon suites santorini greece review

cocoon suites santorini greece review


cocoon suites santorini greece review

cocoon suites santorini greece review

 A concierge greets us as we alight from our cab. We insist on carrying our luggage ourselves and after finally giving up, he leads the way. A couple of renovations seem to be in full swing as we wind our way downhill, unsure where we’re headed as all we can see is the slope of the valley and cruise ships slowly coming in. A 5 minute walk later, we’re finally at Cocoon Suites  and the views are what I’d dreamed Santorini to be like! The lady at the reception, Nana,  greets us warmly asking us if we’d like some wine and my ears instantly perk up!  I politely decline telling her I’m looking forward to drive so she insists we ask her for it later. The hillside is dotted with blue domes and azure pools and everywhere I turn, its a sea of blue and white. The sea stretches for infinity in front and the caldera does not go out of sight as we head to our room. Couples sat in their private jacuzzi’s seem oblivious to the world as I grin widely at our own.  The room is spacious, exudes warm hues and isn’t cluttered, it’s about bare-minimalistic style with the right lighting. The bed is located inside a cave-like hollow and the shower comes equipped with toiletries made from wine by Korres. When I glance at the Nespresso machine, I notice it’s about bare-essential luxury too. After spending the day chasing sunsets and trying to keep away from the crowds at Oia, when I return I realize when someone tells you about ‘The best sunset spot in Santorini’ they fail to apprehend it shouldn’t be one where you need to jostle with the crowds, but one where you can enjoy it minus commotion, probably in the privacy of your own space, with unobstructed views! As I sip some of the sweetest wine I’ve ever come across and nibble on some Loukoumades, all the while watching the sun set by the caldera, it isn’t lost on me that Imerovigli has bewitched me with it’s charm completely.  

Cocoon Suites  // Imerovigli – P.C. 84700 // Santorini, Greece // WebsiteTel: +30 22860 25230E-mail: [email protected]

Pictures // Ajay Hasabnis


cocoon suites santorini greece


Cocoon Suites Santorini Greece

  • Imerovigli is located in the central part of Santorini some distance away from Oia and provides some of the best views of the caldera (Volcano)

  • All of the rooms are done tastefully and are spacious, each with their own jacuzzi

  • The best time to visit and get a good deal is the shoulder season, May/September, October

  • The location is within walking distance, about 15  minutes from Fira (Thira) in Santorini where many amazing restaurants and some of the cliched locations you would associate with Santorini are located

  • Complimentary breakfasts are provided everyday and separate towels are provided as well for the pool

  • If needed room service has some great options at economical prices

  • The staff are very friendly and well-informed about the best things to do and see on Santorini


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We were guests of Cocoon Suites, Santorini, however, all opinions are as always, our own.

Have you been to Santorini or would you like too? What sits at the top of your bucket list?


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