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Traveling a little each month, my love for experiencing cultures and experimenting with food has led me to more than 60 countries!

I didn’t let being confined to a cubicle stop me from exploring the world.

I did not quit my job to travel! Neither did I take a sabbatical. I’m an Engineer, who works 9-5 and loves travelling, writing, design and photography. I even love watching Netflix with some beer!

A work opportunity came calling, so I packed my belongings and moved to Europe in 2014. Memories of Asia, especially The Philippines, one of my favourite destinations, and my Indian cooking skills kept me company till I started exploring more of the continent.

Being perpetually fascinated by other cultures, places and people, I’ve channelled the earnings and the holidays into tripping around Europe and wherever else the heart takes me – A dream I’ve always cherished. Over 60 countries later, I want to show you that you can be passionate about travel and pursue it even if you work full-time. You can make the best use of all the time on hand to have all the adventures you wish.

You can camp in the Sahara desert, haggle in the souks in Marrakech, or watch the Northern Lights on a remote island or maybe just drive to a town an hour away and have a great time!


Continent Hop was built to share first-hand adventures with explorers for whom connecting with people and reading stories mattered, irrespective of the time on hand.

Continent Hop was created to help give people the confidence to travel, especially POC and solo women, be it globetrotters or people willing to take their first trip – by making info easily available and making sure they knew it was safe and accessible to do do.

You’ll find personal experiences here detailed in the form of in-depth itineraries, quick and easy guides, some quirky like Game of Thrones guides, photo essays, tips to travel fast and efficiently and lots of narratives to ensure you’re planning your next getaway smoothly, no matter how big or small.

This space is about ensuring you are caught by surprise when finding info about an offbeat, interesting location and discovering something unique at busy destinations.


The detailed guides on the blog are from personal first-hand experiences. Curated content to make sure people make the most of their limited holidays, supported with stunning photography.

Everything here is about taking it slow but also about insightful suggestions; so that be it a weekend getaway or a month-long vacay, info will be detailed but peppered with fun.

Stories here are put together after through research with tested recommendations for activities that help readers interact with the locals and support the local community – this is reflected in the heartful feedback received from readers across the globe.


I’ve been fortunate to have been nominated every single year, numerous times for my writing and photography, including prestigious outlets such as Saveur, Wanderful and Travel Media, to name a few.

In addition to being a blogger and an Influencer, I am also a freelance journalist with by-lines in international publications such as The Washington Post, Conde Nast, Atlas Obscura, The National to name a few.

I’m also a TEDx and an international speaker and have spoken at events such as The World Travel Market London, Travel Industry Marketing Association; to name a few.

I’ve also been featured in prestigious outlets such as the BBC, The Juggernaut, Lonely Planet, Times Radio etc.


If you’re a DMO/PR and are keen to discuss how I can help promote your brand/destination, having a chat about social media collaborations or looking to purchase photography, please write to me via email.

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