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I love fish and chips, [I currently live in UK]  but I come from India, and nothing makes me more happy than a dash of spice!

The thought of a few days of summer [in winter]  to a country that has an amazing cuisine, usually has me grinning for the rest of the day!

Although we’re budget travelers, when it comes to spending, we do not cut down on food. That does not imply we spend approx. £50 per person for a buffet at Maison MK [although I’d love too!].

I ensure I check out the restaurants and their specialty, and stick to the ones that have local fare on offer.

It was finally time to experience the gastronomical scene in Marrakech, after a road-trip through the east of Morocco. After skimming through tonnes of TripAdvisor reviews, I finally had my options ready.

Here are my suggestions for some of the best restaurants in Marrakech.

We started off with:

restaurants in Marrakech

Les Jardins de la Medina

It was Christmas eve, and If you’re not at home, well I guess it’s all-right to splurge, right? As Gastro MK was on the ultra expensive end, Les Jardins de la Medina was top choice. The place has a classy and sophisticated vibe. It’s easy to get to and is concealed behind a massive, carved wooden door. Once you’re inside, there’s also a pool to relax next to, and the whole decor gives a feeling of an oasis in a desert.

The service was quick and efficient. Being Christmas eve, there was a very tempting cake on offer too!

restaurants in Marrakech

Since it was our first night in Marrakech, it had to be tagines and couscous! The couscous was amazing and the tagine [chicken with prunes] was moist and flavorful. There was live music which added to the whole ambiance.

The menu isn’t vast but as we had made up our minds, variety was not what we were looking for.

What you should visit for: The atmosphere and the couscous!

What you could give it a miss for: The prices with respect to Moroccan standards

Reservations required.


Les Jardins De La Medina

21 Derb chtouka, Kasbah 40000 Marrakech Morocco

Tel. : 00 212 5 24 381 851

E-mail : [email protected]

restaurants in Marrakech

Marrakech Henna Art Cafe

Lori is one of the sweetest owners you will come across in Marrakech! The cafe is run by Lori in collaboration with Rachid, who is a Moroccan berber. That does not imply you find an array of tagines here, but you do get fresh meals. The avocado salad with couscous was noteworthy and the prices are cheaper than most of the restaurants in the square.

restaurants in Marrakech

As the name suggests, you can select a henna pattern as you have you meal. While I myself did not get a henna tattoo, the graffiti on the walls and the various artifacts for sale decorated with henna were adorable.

The terrace seating provides respite from heat and it was fun to watch the experienced women draw intricate patterns.

The reviews are stellar and I had a great time at this place. Even tough it’s almost in the city center, it’s calm and has great views!

What you should visit for: Proximity to Djemaa el Fna, supporting local artists and a quick healthy, fusion meal

What you could give it a miss for: If you are looking for a fine dine restaurant, this is not the place!

No reservations necessary.


Marrakech Henna Art Cafe

Riad Zitoun El Kdim, Marrakesh, Morocco

Tel : 05 24 38 14 10Cell phone:  06 66 77 93 04

Email : [email protected]

restaurants in Marrakech

Cafe Clock

We couldn’t set foot out of Marrakech without having the legendary Camel burger at Cafe clock, accompanied with the date milkshake.  Truth be told, it was the only reason I wanted to visit Cafe clock. I wish I knew better! Cafe Clock is more of a cultural hub, not just a restaurant.

Every Thursday there is a hikayat session – in other terms, a storytelling session. I had noticed many Berber storytellers in Djemaa el Fna and was keen to listen to some of them, but the tales were in Arabic. The storytellers here narrate them in English 🙂

In addition, there’s a cooking class – You select the dishes you’d like to make and then proceed to purchase fresh ingredients from the souks. At the end of the course, at lunch, you get to have your own traditional hand-cooked meal!

restaurants in Marrakech

In addition, concerts are held on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, and movie screenings are also held here. We met Mike the owner just as we were about to leave and we had an awesome animated conversation! I had finally bumped into a Britisher and it seemed as the universe was telling me it was time to return home!

What you should visit for: A lovely cross-cultural atmosphere, a list of great activities and exotic food!

What you could give it a miss for: If you are looking for a fine dine restaurant, this is not the place!

No reservations necessary.


Cafe Clock

Derb Chtouka, Marrakesh, Morocco

Tel : +212 5243-78367

restaurants in Marrakech

Latitude 31

After returning from an amazing road-trip, all we wanted to do was visit a hammam. After feeling refreshed, we headed off to Latitude 31.

Latitude 31 did not disappoint!

The tagine we had here, was one the best in Morocco – and I had tagines every single day!

This beautiful outdoor restaurant would be great for a summer evening. We visited in December and as it was cold, there were heaters placed between tables and Berber rugs on chairs.

Huge palm trees tower over you and lamps cast soothing shadows as you have your meal.

An assortment of Panna Cotta was a lovely way to end our meal!

restaurants in Marrakech

Reservations not required but recommended.

What you should visit for: Relaxed outdoor seating, and a delicious variety of local Moroccan cuisine

What you could give it a miss for: Some dishes are expensive with respect to Moroccan standards


Latitude 31

86, street El Gza Arset lhiri Bab Doukkala – Marrakesh

Tel : +212(0) 5 24 38 49 34

restaurants in marrakech

Comptoir Darna

As we were in one of the most exotic cities in Africa, my interest was piqued when I heard Comptoir Darna was a favorite with expats for cultural performances.

We headed off for a belly-dance performance and were pleasantly surprised when the tangia [ not tagine] I ordered was delicious!

restaurants in Marrakech

The prices are steep as the performances are complementary. The service is great and friendly.

Other than belly dancing, they also hold orchestras, live band’s and offer a free 5 minute Caleche ride.

Although it is a fine dine restaurant, due to the large number of people the restaurant caters to, it can get a little loud.

The restaurant is located outside the Medina, so ensure you make necessary arrangements to take you back to your hotel/Riad, if you are staying in the Medina.

restaurants in Marrakech

It can get noisy [and irritating] as taxi owners try to get you, to choose them, to take you back!

Reservations required.

What you should visit for: Amazing entertainment and delicious food

What you could give it a miss for: Steep prices and a noisy atmosphere.


Comptoir Darna

Avenue echouhada hivernage 40000 Marrakech Maroc

Tel : +212 (0) 5 24 43 77 02/10



I saved the best for last! Amal was one of the best dining experiences we had during our stay in Marrakech.

Immensely popular with locals and tourists alike. The menu changes everyday and there are options for vegetarians too!

The prices are pocket-friendly , service is great and it’s famed for it’s exquisite local cuisine.

The cause is just as significant!

restaurants in Marrakech

Amal is a non-profit association dedicated to the empowerment of disadvantaged women, through restaurant training and job placement. All you need to do to contribute, is have a meal! And the meal is worth every penny you’d spend!

Ensure you have a meal at Amal, and you’ll instantly realize the quality is outstanding!

Open for lunch everyday 12-4 pm. Dinner is only by reservation for more than 10 people.

Reservations recommended for lunch but not required.

What you should visit for: Value fo money, great friendly service and amazing food

What you could give it a miss for: As it’s located outside the Medina getting here could be quite a walk!



Rue Allal Ben Ahmed et Rue Ibn SinaGueliz, Marrakech, Morocco

Tel : 05-24-44-68-96

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restaurants in Marrakech


Restaurants in Marrakech

  • Many restaurants do make reservations on call, however most of them require to check availability, hence sending an email is the best option to make a reservation

  • You can get in touch with Henna Art Cafehere

  • Do have a look at the activities available at Cafe Clockhere. [ They have authentic recipes on the website too! 😉

  • Reservations for Le Comptoir Darna – Restaurant Marrakech can be made here. No reservations required to view the belly-dance performance

  • If required reservations for Amal can be made here.


Wondering what activities to try in Marrakech? Head here for some ideas! 

Have you ever tried Tagine! What’s your favorite cuisine?

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