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  The past few years have witnessed a sudden surge in the number of women taking to travel on their own. These females on the move have very impressively embraced their passion, by setting out unfettered and unchained, in their quest for adventure and daring experiences in far away lands. In spite of the liberal society we live in today, the fact remains, that the women who opt to venture out solo, are more vulnerable to danger than their male counterparts. Therefore, to get the most of your next solo leisure trip, it is important to maintain a balance of risk-taking and caution by following these simple safety tips. 

1) Do a thorough research about your intended destination.

Proper planning and study of a future trip is as vital as the main trip itself. In between pouring over guide books and internet for advice on the local hot spots, take time out to collect some safety information as well. Check out the neighbourhood around the place where you intend to stay in order to stay away from undesirable spots. Make a note of the nearest medical help available, just to be on the safe side. Find out these details, much before the start of your journey.  You’ll also want to check whether there are any vaccinations or Covid test results required at your destination.


2) Keep your valuables on you all the time

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The rapid strides that technology has gained in this modern era was quite unimaginable a decade back. People, everywhere, are moving around with expensive electronic gadgets like laptops and tablets. The more savvy ones have pricey cameras and lenses, all of which can be deemed to be valuable. Since you are your own security guard, carry a day bag which can accommodate all this costly equipment. Never let any of these important items out of your sight, else there is a great chance that you will not lay your eyes on them again. 

3) Always take travel insurance

 Getting insurance while traveling can,in case of any incident, be a virtual life safer. With a plethora of service providers available online, this is the sanest thing to do prior to start of your journey. Travel insurance safeguards you against theft, being caught in a natural disaster, or in the worst case a fatal accident. This can save your family a monumental cost in the red tape involved in bringing the body back to the family. Once you have studied the policy in detail, get the travel insurance which suits your needs the most. In short, if you cannot afford to take one, shelve all your travel plans in the first place.  

4) Use a reliable service provider for your transfers from the travel terminals

A reliable, comfortable and stress free transportation after a strenuous travel day is important to take you to your destination in a safe way. Compared to any other mode of transportation, a professional chauffeured vehicle like Kiwitaxi, can not only be safe, but cost effective as well. The most vital part of using a reputed transport agency for your transfer from your arrival point is that you are certain to find a driver, with your name plate waiting for you, no matter what time of the day it is, and that too in a unrecognizable destination. Next time you plan your solo trip, make sure you book your transfer, whether from the station, airport or any other terminal, well in advance. Traveling alone should never act as a deterrent for you or any woman aspiring to make a journey on her own. So long as you take the precautions described above and add a bit of common sense you can have a wonderful time and travel without fear. Just because you are a female, don’t let the fact hold up your next solo travel holiday.  



Safety travel tips for solo female travelers

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